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Boracay Local Events

The Amihan Season is when Boracay's White Beach is at its best, with calm azure waters and offshore breezes. At this time Bulabog Beach is also busy with kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts.

Traditionally the peak season on Boracay is from November to May and hence it also sees the island geared up to party and celebrate all the big holidays, Christmas and New Year, Chinese New Year and Holy Week. Halloween is also fast becoming 'The' time to visit Boracay, with travellers and locals alike going to great lengths with individual and themed group costumes, and many bars and hotels hold parties to help you make the most of the spooky evening.

These super-peak times are when Boracay is at its busiest and liveliest with families and groups of friends flocking to the island to make the most of the festivities. If you want a quieter break then avoid these dates.

Events held at this time include amazing Halloween spectacles, fantastic Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year celebrations, the kiteboard and windsurfing championships, held in early January, the Kalibo Ati-Atihan mid-January and the Boracay Dragon Boat Festival, with 2 days of exciting races between teams from the island and across the world, in late April.

Our Philippines Country Guide will tell you all you need to know about the best of amazing Philippines. If you are more interested in Boracay's events, attractions, things to do click on Boracay Destination Guide and Boracay Tours. Let us guide you through our exotic Island with our local suggestions.

Place: The Vessel; Mandala Spa & Villa's, Station 3 Boracay (28 Jul 2014 - 31 Jul 2014)

Basic Yoga at Mandala Spa's The Vessel with Josie

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am-10.45am

Basic Yoga at The Vessel Mandala Spa Boracay

Class Fees:-
Walk-in 400PHP (Residents 300PHP)
10 Class Package (Valid for 3 months) Walk-in 3,500PHP (Resident 2,500php)

Place: Aplaya Beach Bar, Station 2 White Beach (30 Jul 2014)

Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay

Every Wednesday Girls can have a great Night Out at Aplaya Beach Bar, newly opened in March 2014. Go to their Facebook page to download discount vouchers

Place: The Vessel, Mandala Spa & Villa's, Angol Road (Station 3) (30 Jul 2014)

The newest dance class on the island - Zumba, with Gio Plameran, Every Wednesday at 7pm at The Vessel, Mandala Spa & Villa's

300php for residents & 400php for visitors

Zumba at Mandala Spa & Villas Boracay

Place: The Vessel, Mandala Spa & Villas, Station 3 Boracay (30 Jul 2014 - 02 Aug 2014)

Ashtanga Yoga at Mandala Spa's The Vessel with Roni

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9.30am-10.45am
Every Monday 5.00pm-6.15pm

Astanga Yoga Classes Mandala Spa Boracay

Class Fees:-
Walk-in 400PHP (Residents 300PHP)
10 Class Package (Valid for 3 months) Walk-in 3,500PHP (Resident 2,500php)

Place: 7 Stones Boracay Villas, Bulabog Beach, Boracay (30 Jul 2014)

Every Wednesday is Pizza & Pasta Night at 7Stones, including their Gluten-free range

Pizza Night 7Stones Every Wednesday Boracay

Place: Red Coconut, Station 2, Boracay (31 Jul 2014)

Every Thursday between 8pm-11pm is Ladies Night at Red Coconut.

The first Cocktails is free and after that 50% off

Ladies Night Red Coconut Boracay

Place: Aplaya Beachfront Bar & Restaurant, Station 2 White Beach (31 Jul 2014)

Every Thursday is Boy's Night at Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay with 50% off selected Pasta & Pizza Dishes between 5pm - 9pm

Boys Night at Aplaya Beach Bar Boracay


Place: Kasbah Boracay, White Beach Station 1 Beachfront (31 Jul 2014)

Dancehall workshop by Nikita.

Every Thursday 5-10 p.m.

Sounds by DJ Tong.At Kasbah Boracay, Station 1

DanceHall Session at Kasbah Boracay

Place: Friday's Resort, White Beach Station 1 (01 Aug 2014)

Friday's Beach Buffet and Dance Collective, Station 1 White Beach


Enjoy a delicious evening buffet meal, on the beach and relax and enjoy the offerings from the Resident Acoustic & Friday's Dance Collective Performers, who will serenade you with mellow classics and indigenous Folk Dances from across the Philippines.                       


Place: Conga's Bar, Station 3 Angol, Boracay (01 Aug 2014)

Conga's 6th Birthday Bashment Party BoracayStarting at 10pm and going on until Sunrise, don't miss out on a great night at Conga's.

Come and join the local musicians for a night for fun and friendship, and celebrate Conga's 6th Year Anniversary


Place: The Vessel, Manadala Spa & Villas, Angol Road, Angol Boracay (02 Aug 2014)

Zumba classes every Saturday at 7pm, at The Vessel, Mandala Spa and Villas, Angol Road. 

These fun new classes (running every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday) are led by island dancer-extraordinaire Gio Plameran

300php for residents & 400php for visitors

Zumba at Mandala Spa & Villas Boracay

Place: Juice Bar, Station 2, White Beach (16 Feb 2015 - 17 Feb 2015)

Juice Bar will be 10 years old on 16th February and the club just gets better and better. 

Head down to Juice Bar on the 16th February for another of their brilliant party nights

With Bacardi Cocktails and San Miguel Beers at 10PHP each

Remember to start saving your 10PHP coins as exact change is needed for the 10PHP offer

Place: All over Boracay (19 Feb 2015)

Chinese New Year brings Chinese and ex-pat tourists to Boracay to experience fireworks, Chinese lanterns, traditional shows, and traditional dances all along the beach front.

There will be events and parties all over the place, so just keep an eye and ear out for the action and firecrackers!

Place: Boracay Regency, Station 2 White Beach, Boracay (23 Apr 2015 - 25 Apr 2015)

Boracay's 7th International Dragonboat Festival 25th - 27th April 2013Dragon boating was first introduced to Boracay in 2001. Since then, annual competitions have been held in its pristine blue waters.

Organised by The Boracay Island Paddlers Association (BIPA), this competition attracts teams from Australia, China, Canada, USA, Singapore, The Netherlands, and the region of Hong Kong, as well as Manila-boat paddlers.

It's an exciting event to watch and should not be missed if you are on the island at the time of the races

Photo Boracay Bumshells Too (taken April 2012) Courtesy of Jijo De Guzman 

Place: Boracay (11 May 2015 - 13 May 2015)

The Filipinos are well known for their delicacies, and every summer Boracay hosts its own food festival.

Place: Boracay (11 May 2015 - 14 May 2015)

This is a must for all serious Reggae (Bob Marley) lovers. Braid your hair and enjoy the party