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Food & Cuisine in Boracay



Opening Hours: 10:00 to 21:00
Address: D'Mall, Station 2 Boracay
Phone number: 036 288 4283
Website:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/CYMA-Greek-Taverna-Boracay-Island-Philippines/300128083367

CYMA in D' Mall must be experienced! CYMA Boracay

It is a real Greek treat, with all your traditional favourites, mezze of eggplant, hummous, artichoke and feta with sundried tomato and of course the famous saganaki, flaming cheese, OPA!

Try the delicious Souvlaki, lamb gyros, and salads - all divine.

Cyma is located near to the Ferris Wheel in D'Mall - look for Valhalla Bistro and take the sidestreet to the left of this, CYMA is on the right

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Coffee Shop

Real Coffee

Opening Hours: 08:00 to 19:00
Address: Station 2 White Beach, above Sea World Dive Shop
Phone number: 288 5340

Real Coffee BoracayReal Coffee was one of the very first cafe's to open on the island of Boracay, serving fresh brewed coffee, muffins (including their infamous Calamansi Muffin), cakes, Chocolate Brownies (to die for) and a rather famous Tuna Melt Sandwich.

In its time, the coffee shop has moved several times and is now to be found at Station 2, above Sea World Dive Shop, on the beachfront with a great view across the beach from it's nipa and bamboo-framed windows. 

Real Coffee is owned by Lee and her daughter Nadine

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Crafty's Rooftop Bar

Opening Hours: 09:00 to 23:00
Address: Crafts, Main Road, D'Mall
Phone number: 0063 288 6857 - Fax: 036-2885874
Email: info@craftsofboracay.com
Website:  http://www.craftsofboracay.com/bar.html

Situated on top of Craft's Supermarket (& accessed by stairs found Crafty's Bar, Boracaywithin the supermarket) Crafty's Rooftop Bar is a great place for a drink or meal with friends.

The Rooftop Bar offers fabulous views and is often a lot cooler, with a gentle breeze, than many other establishments.

Choose from a range of Filipino or European dishes ... or try one of the many delicious curry's on offer.

Crafty's has the reputation for having the coldest beer on the island and offers a good selection of beers and lagers too.

Most nights you'll find a number of ex-pats, congregating at the bar or watching football or rugby on the big screen.

Food can also be ordered as a take-away.

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Opening Hours: 11:00 to 21:00
Address: Station 1, White Beach
Phone number: 288 6428 or 288 6200

If you feel the desire to splurge then 'Fridays' it is.

Down at the end of the beach, Station 1, Friday's reputation precedes it with happy hour from 3pm-6pm and the 'Fridays on Friday' Buffet; a real must-do must indulge!

Fridays also offers a buffet meal and cultural show on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with traditional Filipino dancing and Fire Dancers.

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Hobbit House

Opening Hours: 11:00 to 21:00
Address: D'Mall, Station 2 Boracay
Phone number: (036) 288-66-87
Website:  http://www.hobbithousemanila.com/hobbit-house-boracay

The Hobbit House is right in the centre of D'Mall, adjacent to the Ferris Wheel.

The Hobbit House, in both Manila and Boracay, is the only popular and well patronized restaurant where all staff are midgets and 'little' people, even the chefs.

Besides enjoying the warm and hospitable company of small-sized personnel, the Hobbit House is also a good place to sit back and watch the world pass by.

Pasta dishes are the specialty but besides the carbonara and spaghetti dishes, there are also many items in the menu that you should try out. The restaurant offers international and fusion style cuisine.
In addition the restaurant ambience is further enhanced by performances from local folk-style bands.

Great and varied menu with live music everyday! Don't forget to bring home their popular souvenir shirts!

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Red Coconut

Opening Hours: 11:00 to 21:00
Address: Station 2, White Beach near d'mall
Phone number: 288 3507

Situated right on White Beach, Red Coconut has one of the best

pizzas on the island along with fresh seafood and international cuisine.

Enjoy their delicious meals with a view and refreshing breeze.

                   Red Coconut Boracay


Rumba's Bar and Restaurant

Opening Hours: 10:00 to 00:00
Address: D'Mall
Phone number: 288 5971
Website:  https://www.facebook.com/rumbasboracay

Rumba's in D' mall is the place to get your good old English fry-up fix for a full hearty filling for your day.

Rumbas also offers the widest selection of imported Steaks on the whole island and serves up great, pies and other English style dishes. Rumbas Bar & Restaurant Boracay

You can even order curries, fish and chips and sausage sandwiches!

The new baby back ribs, just fall off the bone!

There's always a great atmosphere and the owners, John and Ed, are often in attendance.

In addition, Rumba's is one of the few bars & restaurants on the island showing international sports events .. so if there's a game you don't want to miss pop along and check their boards to see if they'll be showing it

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Valhalla Bistro

Opening Hours: 11:00 to 23:55
Address: D'Mall, Station 2 Boracay
Phone number: 036-2885979
Website:  https://www.facebook.com/valhallaboracay

Valhalla Bistro is situated in the heart of D'Mall; opposite the Ferris Wheel.

Valhalla Bistro BoracayValhalla offers a great range of food and drinks, including a great wine selection.

Appetizers include; Soups, Fried Mozzarella, Calamari, Cajun Onion Rings, Shrimp Dynamite and Buffalow Wings

Mains: BBQ Chicken Salad, Santa Fe Chopped Salad, Caesar Salad, Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Pasta, Vegetarian Skewers, Oven baked Tortellini and a mouthwatering range of steaks and ribs.

Valhalla also offers Brunch and Night-Time Specials.

Great food and a fun atmosphere.  Takeaway Orders are also available

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Bamboo Lounge

Opening Hours: 12:00 to 21:00
Address: Bulabog Road
Phone number: 288 3161

Bamboo Lounge is a nice place for good cocktails at sunset, then, whilst sitting on cushions practically on the beach with chill out tunes, you can order from an extensive Chinese menu, which is fresh and tasty! Big portions make it great for sharing, add to that the relaxing ambiance, making it perfect for groups and couples. There are good vegetarian options available including succulent tofu and for meat eaters the salt and pepper ribs are a delight.


Steak restaurant

Steak House

Opening Hours: 11:00 to 22:00
Address: White beach, near d'Mall
Phone number: 288 6102

Dine in style in a breezy cozy restaurant which serves the best steak on the island. Choose to dine al fresco in the terrace or inside the restaurant. 

Apart from delicious steaks, treat yourself to sumptious sausages, pasta, and other European specialties. Cap off your meal with a glass of wine from their excellent selection.



Nice Place World Art Cafe

Opening Hours: 10:00 to 23:00
Address: Bulabog Road, Boracay
Phone number: 0915 651 2205
Website:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nice-Place-World-Food-Art-Cafe/307209669430768?fref=ts

Nice Place World Cafe is one of the newest eateries on Boracay, and it's already made a name for itself amongst locals and visitors.

Nice Place serves Filipino and International fusion dishes, all cooked fresh and to order, and all with a little unique twist. This is a small place and so, if you go in a large group, be prepared that your chosen dish may not be available or that the food will take time to arrive and not always at the same time.

Our favourite dishes so far are the Dynamite Cheese Sticks and the Rogan Josh Meatballs.  You can also challenge the chef to cook you something off menu, using the fresh ingredients available.

The venue itself has a nice little unique twist, with interesting furnishings and art around the walls, all hand-made by local artists.

Take the road opposite BPI Bank on the main road, and to the side of the Lake.  Walk down this road until you get to Munchies, there is a small lane to the side of this and Nice Place can be found on the left, 2nd building from the start of the lane

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Boracay Terraces Resort

Opening Hours: 08:00 to 21:00
Address: Station 1 White Beach Boracay
Phone number: +63 (36) 288 4000
Email: boracay_terraces@yahoo.com
Website:  http://www.boracayterraces.com/restaurant.htm

Located at the far end of Boracay's White Beach, at the cliff path leading to Diniwid Cove is Boracay Terraces Resort and their 7,107 Islands Restaurant.

Boracay Terraces offers a good range of freshly prepared Filipino and International dishes, including their delicious Smoked Bangus Sisig, and the range includes vegetarian dishes too.

Boracay Terraces is rather special, as it's away from the noise and has a small sand cove all to itself, which makes it ideal for romantic couples who would like to enjoy a candlelit meal on the beach.

Owned by a long-standing Boracay family the Tajanlangit's, the restaurants diners may also be serenaded by Armand, who is a very gifted musician, singer and songwriter

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Opening Hours: 06:00 to 21:00
Address: Behind D'Mall, beside Crafts Department Store
Phone number: 288 3435

Located next to Crafts Supermarket on the Main Road, Jasper's is ideal for a range of really affordable Filipino dishes!

Food is prepared fresh and there is a great range of dishes to choose from.

Particular favourites include their Special Fried Rice (which is good for 2 people) and their Pancit Bihon

Jaspers can also prepare food for take-out whether via the telephone or in the restaurant.

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Opening Hours: 11:00 to 22:00
Address: D'Mall
Phone number: 288 6014

Smoke Boracay Smoke is located in D'Mall; if you're heading towards the beach you take the last small alley on your right (Andoks is on the corner) before you reach the beach.

Smoke offers a great range of Filippine Food, prepared fresh and with good quality meat, fish and vegetables.

Particular favourites are Chilli Chicken, Beef Salpicao and Bulalo.

Portions are a good size and you will leave feeling full

Be aware that this is a very popular little eaterie and whilst they've recently changed the layout to allow for more tables, there are times when the restaurant will be full or you may need to wait for a table.

Smoke also does take-out

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French dining

Cafe De Paris

Opening Hours: 11:00 to 22:00
Address: White Beach, Station 2
Phone number: 288 3233

Fine french dining known for their lobster and wine cellar




Opening Hours: 11:00 to 21:00
Address: White Beach, near Station 1
Phone number: 288 5405

Manana serves large portions of tasty Mexican food. Guacamole is only available when avocados are in-season despite what the menu says.



Island Chicken Inasal

Opening Hours: 11:00 to 21:00
Address: d'Mall Plaza
Phone number: 288 4956

Island Chicken Inasal is the place to go to experience authentic grilled chicken, the famous Bacolod style.

Apart from the famous grilled chicken, they also have many choices of local Ilonggo delicacies that have been considered comfort food for many Filipinos over the years.


Fine dining


Opening Hours: 11:00 to 21:00
Address: Diniwid
Phone number: 288 6753

Nami offers delicious gourmet food with stunning views in the beautiful beach of Diniwid.

Experience another part of Boracay island with their unique gastronomical offerings and one-of-a-kind setup.

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Dos Mestizos

Opening Hours: 12:00 to 00:00
Address: Tourist Center Road, Station 2 Boracay
Phone number: 288-5786
Email: dosmestizos@yahoo.com
Website:  http://www.dosmestizos.com/

Dos Mestizos BoracayTreat yourself to fantastic Spanish cuisine and authentic Sangria!

Doz Mestizos, situated along the tourist centre road, has a huge following.

Doz Mesitoz never fails to turn out the great Spanish favourites, from tapas and sangria and pealla to a buffet every Saturday night.

Get all this served up in a traditional Spanish Taverna-style restaurant.

Open for lunch at 12:00 until 14:00, and again from 6:00 pm onwards. 

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Opening Hours: 11:00 to 23:00
Address: D'Mall

Ole' in D' Mall is an old time favourite Spanish Tapas bar, serving the usual Spanish treats.



Mandala Spa

Opening Hours: 11:00 to 22:00
Address: Bantud Manoc Manoc
For a spa hideaway, treat yourself and detox with Zen style vegetarian food at Mandala spa.Splurge guilt-free on super delicious food that is not only healthy but abosolutely good for your soul too! It's quietly tucked away in a setting of lush greens and a Zen atmosphere, so you can dine in tranquility.


Beach cafe

Wahine Beach Bar & Cafe

Opening Hours: 10:00 to 20:00
Address: Diniwid Beach, Boracay

A wonderfully native old boracay style beach cafe on Diniwid.

Offering some of the best drinks in Boracay, from freshly brewed beers to uniquely mixed cocktails, the bar allows its guests to taste a number of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.


Great fruit shakes, pizza and filipino-hawaiian fusion, as well as mongolian dishes are offered

Perfect for lazy days on the beach and sunset snacks.

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Siam Chili

Address: Plazolta

Siam Thai is the place for an authentic Thai food fix.

In the Plazolta, in an open food court at the back (near Juice bar and the Regency hotel), is this new Thai restaurant.

It has fast service, wonderfully authentic Thai food cooked by a Thai chef and reasonable prices.


Restaurant / Bar


Opening Hours: 08:00 to 00:00
Address: Angol, White Beach

This native-style restaurant and bar is set in Angol in the far sounth end of the main white beach. You can relax and undwind in the quite and 'local' end of the beach while sitting under a palm tree, feet in the sand, or gather with a lovely local feel atmosphere around the bar inside.

Cocoloco has lovely old Boracay island feel with the food, while very modererady priced is a tasty and good portioned blend od Filipino and European style.

Perfect for a relaxing evening away from all...or a good gathering place or friends!




Opening Hours: 07:00 to 00:00
Address: Station 2, White Beach
Phone number: 036 2881667
Email: info.tibraz@gmail.com
Website:  http://www.tibrazboracay.com/

Formerly Cafe Breizh, Ti-Braz offers a fresh new experience in Ti-Braz Brasserie BoracayFrench cuisine at a classy cafe.

Treat yourself to a variety of mouthwatering dishes such as crepes and traditional French home cooking while enjoying the views of White Beach.

Ti-Braz also has great coffee and an extensive selection of delicious cocktails, which you can enjoy either downstairs, in the Sunset Lounge upstairs, or in comfortable lounging chairs underneath the coconut trees.

Ti-Braz has also opened a creperie and bistro on Bulabog Beach

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Army & Navy Burger Bar

Opening Hours: 09:00 to 23:00
Address: White Beach Station 1
Website:  http://www.armynavyburgerburrito.com

Army & Navy Burger BoracayArmy & Navy Burger Bar opened in Boracay in 2012 and are already gaining a reputation for producing one of the best burgers available on the island. 

All burgers are natural beef patties, topped with fresh, crispy lettuce, tomato slices & onions, mayo & ketchup on a toasted Sesame Seed Kaiser Bun

Their Freedom Fries are also delicious with a tasty seasoning on them

The menu range also features Burritos, Chicken and there are numerous ways to have your burger.

The question is 'are you man enough for the Bully Boy Burger?'

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Don Vito Ristorante Italiano

Opening Hours: 06:30 to 00:00
Address: Station 2, Balabag
Phone number: 288 3444, 288 4999

A great beachfront place where you can savor authentic Italian pasta and pizza. Live bands every night make the restaurant lively and fun!


International cuisine and bakery

Lemoni Cafe

Opening Hours: 09:30 to 23:00
Address: D'Mall
Phone number: +63 36 288 6781
Email: lemonicafe@yahoo.com.ph
Website:  http://www.lemonicafeboracay.com/

Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant BoracayLemoni Cafe is situated in the heart of D'Mall, facing the Ferris Wheel, offering seats inside and outside.

Lemoni Cafe serves up an array of culinary masterpieces, not to mention mouthwatering cakes! This Café is a wonderfully fresh place to relax for breakfast lunch and dinner.

"Our philosophy is to serve food that makes you feel good and happy as though you have treated yourself to something special. May it be a hearty breakfast, a healthy salad or a decadent dessert. We pride ourselves on our fresh, healthy, delicious food prepared from the heart."

Lemoni Cafe is particularly famous for its cakes and desserts, which are mouthwatering and are large portions.  So, if you're not ready for a big meal but fancy a little treat Lemoni is the place to go.

The shakes are delicious, a particular favourite of ours is the Watermelon and Ginger shake - refreshing and cool.

In addition to the cakes and shakes, Lemoni offers All-Day Breakfasts, salads, Appetizers and delicious main courses.

You can also order a Lemoni Lunch box of soup, salad, sandwich and dessert - fabulous for a picnic on the beach (just please dispose of any rubbish afterwards)

Lemoni can also cater events and takes orders for cakes, including wedding and birthday cakes

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Opening Hours: 12:00 to 00:30
Address: Station 1, White Beach, Boracay
Phone number: 2884790
Email: kasbahboracay@gmail.com
Website:  http://www.kasbahboracay.com/index.html

Kasbah BoracayKasbah is ideally located at Station 1, in a quiet area tucked next to some of the high end hotels of Boracay.

Kasbah offers Moroccan food and decor and is a fantastic place to sit back and enjoy cocktails whilst watching Boracay's famous sunsets.

The menu includes Kemia (dips) with freshly cooked pitta bread and soups, a range of traditional tagines (slow cooked, flavoursome stews presented in the conical cooking pot from which is gets its name) and delicious Wraps & Brochettes based on the 'street food stalls' commonly found throughout Morocco.  There is also a good range in the children's menu for those who are yet to develop varied tastes and a fabulous dessert menu which includes a divine creme brule, lightly infused panna cotta and a sticky Baklava, Moroccan style.

Finish your meal, with a freshly made and expertly poured pot of mint tea, whilst you sit back and enjoy one of the many music nights that take place at Kasbah

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Juice Bar

Opening Hours: 18:00 to 00:00
Address: Plazoleta, White Beach Boracay

Juice is the place to be after dark, with the most up to date tunes and lively atmosphere you are sure to dance the night away. 

Well known for their excellent cocktails the Juice barstaff have created some specials unique to them - if you are a group ask for the Flaming Lava or Flaming Waterfall for a completly amazing coctail experience. 



Ambassador hotel

Opening Hours: 08:00 to 22:00
Address: Ambassedor Hotel Station one White Beach

This hotel has, in Chef Fortune, created a gourmand's delight in their menu.  The food is high end and delicious yet still value for money.