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Transportation in Boracay

Boracay is located in the Aklan province, easily reachable from Caticlan by ‘banca' (or pump boat). You can fly directly into Caticlan from either Cebu or Manila but flights can be cheaper into Kalibo, from there you can transfer to Caticlan by taxi or bus. Transport in Boracay is relatively easy to come by and generally reasonably prices.

Hail a motorised pedicab or book a gutsy ride on a local paraw. Get ready to throw caution to the wind as you take on the local Boracay version of sailing!

This page will tell you all you need to know about travelling to; as well as in and around Boracay. Use our Boracay Destination Guide for things to see and do, or check out our Philippines Transport page for information about transport to and around the country.

Boracay Transportation Guide

Getting to Boracay

It is best to pre-book your accommodation prior to your arrival in Boracay. You will have many hotel operators trying to ‘convince' you to stay at their establishment with the promise of being better and/or cheaper. If you have not booked accommodation, then it is best to stay one night at one of these hotels, and then take a look around once you get there for something that best suits what you are after.  You can also stop at our office on White Beach next door to Nigi Nigi Nu noos, between station 2 and 3. 

To get onto Boracay you must take one of the outrigger boats which leave Caticlan Port regularly until 5pm. After 5pm you can still get a boat to the island, but less frequently, usually up to about 9pm. The boats take all passengers to Cagban port on the South end of the island. The three boat stations are now just used as location references and for dive and other tours, not for arrivals on the island. Beware of the condition of your boat, chances are that even the best of boats will take on 2 to 8 cms of water as you travel so keep your luggage where it will remain dry.

By Air

Fly to Caticlan, which is the nearest airport. From Caticlan Airport, most hotels usually provide transfer services all the way to the resort for a fee, although some are included. This would include the short ride from the airport to the seaport as well as the ride on the outrigger boat to the island itself. If you don't have such an arrangement, you can take a tricyle or walk the short distance from the airport to the seaport and catch an outrigger boat ride from there.  Alternatively we can arrange transfers for you.

Some of the airlines that fly from Manila to Caticlan include: South East Asian (SEA) Airlines, Zest air (formerly Asian Spirit), Cebu Pacific and PAL. Return fares are available for around US$ 150 per person. However promotional fares are often available so do ask. Luggage over 10kg will cost you extra and don't be suprised if they weigh you too, some of the smaller planes require weight distribution!

Alternatively, flights to Kalibo will extend your time in transit by two to three hours including waiting time and the road trip. But the rugged coastline scenery and glimpse of rural farming life may well be worth it and air-conditioned buses are available for a price. Cebu Pacific and the national carrier Philippine Airlines fly to Kalibo from Manila. A bus (air-conditioned available)or jeepney will then take you on a one and a half hour trip to the Caticlan sea port. Most transfers cost in the region of 450pesos although local Jeepney's are cheaper at 70 pesos charging roughly 1 peso per kilometre, and multicabs (or L300's as they are known here) are 85pesos. These are only available from Kalibo proper though and a trike must be taken from the airport. The L300's at the airport will charge over 400 pesos per person.

For transport from the airport to the city (or from the city to the airport), we recommend Green Path Transfers, who offer eco-friendly airport transfers in hundreds of destinations around the world.

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Flights to Philippines

Airline Carriers from Manila to Caticlan

Asian Spirit
Corporate Air
Interisland Airlines
South East Asian Airlines (SEAir)
Cebu pacific
Philippine Airlines

Carriers from Manila to Kalibo

Cebu Pacific
Philippine Airlines
Air Philippines
Asian Spirit

By Boat

MBRS shipping lines (+632-243-5888) operates a ferry between Manila and Caticlan. Call for the latest schedules and fares.

By Bus (or RORO)

The RORO (Roll-On Roll-Off) a combination of bus and ferry for one fee) Philtranco and Bachelor Express run bus routes on the Strong Republic Nautical Highway. From Cubao or Pasay in Metro Manila, buses run to Batangas Port about 2 hours south of Metro Manila. Ferries take the buses across to the Calapan Port on Mindoro. The buses then traverse the island and again leave on ferries from Roxas Port on the way to Caticlan.

The journey is approximately 11 hours and can be harrowing with the breakneck speeds of the bus drivers and poor road conditions but if you are out to save on your travel budget and don't mind the long trip duration, this could be the way for you.

Bachelor Express and Philtranco are available at the Ali Mall Terminal in Cubao, Quezon City and Philtranco Terminal in Pasay City. Buses cost around 700 pesos for non-air-conditioned while air-conditioned passengers of Bachelor Express and Philtranco will pay closer to 850 pesos. These rates are all inclusive for the bus and ferry. Leave your non-valuables on the bus and and walk up to the passenger deck of the ferry. Your choices may include seating: near the Karaoke machine, on the deck or in front of the TV screen, but you had better hurry to find the seat of your choice.

ROROs (buses)leave several times a day but the schedule may shift with demand. The last RORO leaves Caticlan (Boracay) for Cubao at 6pm, plan to board by 4:30pm and stock up on snacks and water as the prices on board are exorbitant.

Getting Around Boracay

On the island, public transportation is mainly by motorised pedicab. Prices on the flat area are ten pesos per person and trip. Longer journeys are 15 or 20 pesos. Tricycles for island trips can be rented at the office of the Tricycle Association or by negotiating a price directly with tricycle drivers. Other means of transportation are mountain bikes and motorbikes, which can be rented at several places. Motorbikes along White Beach and most of the beach path are however forbidden by law.

A common sight round the island is the sailing Paraw, a narrow hulled boat with outriggers either side and with passengers sometimes seated on a webbing platform between the outrigger supports. These are extremely fast off the wind, but are rather unwieldy. Going about is a rather complicated manoeuvre, requiring the foresail to be backed. They can be hired for trips round the island, a wonderful experience if you don't mind getting wet. There are three classes of paraw with size limits on each. Regular races are staged each year with a handsome prize offered to the winning boat.


Zest Air
Domestic Airport Manila
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South East Asian Airlines (Seair)
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Cebu Pacific
Domestic Airport Manila
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Interisland Airlines
2nd Floor MARC 2000 Annex Bldg, Taft Ave,<br> Malate, Manila
Tel: 0063 2 523 8720 - Fax: 0063 2 522 4795
Email: info@interisland.com.ph
Website: http://www.interisland.com.ph
Corporate Air
Domestic Airport Manila
Tel: 0063 852 5503/5504/5505
Website: http://www.corporateairinc.com
Philippine Airlines
Legazpi St, Legaspi Village,<br>Makati City, Manila
Tel: 00 632 818 0111
Email: webmgr@pal.com.ph
Website: http://www.philippineairlines.com


Air Philippines
Domestic Airport, Manila
Tel: 0063 551 7991 - Fax: 0063 551 7881
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12th floor Times Plaza bldg,<br> United Nations<br>Ermita Manila
Tel: 00 63 2528 7000 - Fax: 0063 2528 7196
Website: http://www.superferry.com.ph
MBRS Lines
North Harbour Manila
Tel: 0063 2243 5888


Philtranco (RORO)
Cubao Bus Terminal
Tel: 0063 2911 2523
Email: reservation@philtranco.com.ph
Website: http://www.philtranco.com.ph