Boracay weather forecast

Boracay has a tropical climate, with an average temperate around 30°C (88°F) and humidity of 75%.

The year is divided into two distinct seasons. The rainy season begins around June and ends in late October. The dry season runs from November to May.

The hottest months are March, April and May (just before the start of the rainy season) when mid-day temperatures can reach 39°C (102°F). The coolest period is in December with day time temperatures in the high 20s or low 30s on most days, and dropping lower in evenings and early mornings.

Boracay's weather tends to dictate the travel agenda for most visitors. The High Season occurs in the dry months, which means that Boracay Resorts are more popular and fill-up quickly and, often 3-4 months in advance. Room rates also tend to be more expensive during this time.

Things to do on Boracay, Island
The dry season sees visitors mostly concentrated on White Beach and the opposing Bulabog Beach which, due to the winds has a very large international sporting reputation for kite-boarding and wind-surfing. 


Bulabog Beach Webcam

A good time to visit is outside the Peak & Super Peak periods. Rain showers tend to be very heavy but are short in duration, often occurring at night or early in the morning leaving most of the day for getting around. 

The Best Times To Visit Boracay

Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Holy Week, Labour Weekend and Halloween are, increasingly, the most popular times for visitors to visit the island and advance bookings of Boracay hotels and Boracay tours are recommended during these periods. 

Christmas, New Year and Holy Week are the most popular times to visit for families and groups of friends.  The island and hotels, bars and restaurants host lots of events, special meals and parties.  New Years Eve, is particularly good with amazing firework displays taking place all along White Beach.  party-goers should be aware that all Bars and Clubs are required to stop music from 11.45pm on Good Friday and Black Saturday

Labour Weekend, tagged in 2014 as 'LaBoracay', is a 4-5 day long weekend when people descend on the island for all-day, all-night parties.  Be prepared for lots of beautiful young people parading the beach, soaking up the sun and generally being young and having fun.  Many promoters and companies, such as Nestea, Globe, Viber and Boracay Rum run events, with world-renowned DJ's such as Steve Aoike helping crowds to party in to the night!

Halloween on Boracay Halloween on Boracay

Halloween, has emerged as a big event on the island over the last 4 years; each year the costumes get bigger and better and many resorts, bars, restaurants and clubs host parties or parades, with prizes for the best costumes.


Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Jun 26
Hi:  32°C
Lo:  24°C
Jun 27
Hi:  32°C
Lo:  25°C
Jun 28
Hi:  32°C
Lo:  25°C
Jun 29
Hi:  32°C
Lo:  25°C
Jun 30
Hi:  32°C
Lo:  25°C
Jul 01
Hi:  32°C
Lo:  25°C