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Boracay Food Festival

11 May 2015 - 13 May 2015
Place: Boracay

The Boracay Food Festival incorporates various other elements that add to the fiesta like ambiance. The organizers of the event always make sure that the atmosphere is lively and so throughout the festivities there is music and dancing. From the beginning to the conclusion, the steady presence of lively songs and dancing help develop a lively atmosphere.

Boracay AdoboAmong the highlights of the Boracay Food Festival are the national delicacies. Even though there are over 7,000 islands comprising the archipelago, some food have nearly nationwide appeal. These include the adobo, composed of chicken (or pork) laden with garlic, soy sauce, squid and other vegetables. Other popular dishes that are served in the fiesta are lumpia (spring rolls).These are stuffed with meat or vegetables and dipped in vinegar or hot sauce. Of course, there is the lechon (suckling pig), a mainstay at virtually all Filipino celebrations.

Boracay PinakbetThe Boracay Food Festival also features a wide array of regional cuisine. Pinakbet is an Ilocano dish comprised of bitter melon, okra, squash and bagoong (sauce from fermented fish). Other dishes featured are the relleno (stuffed chicken), and kare kare (oxs tail eaten with sauce made from peanuts) from Bulacan, and the pancit molo and lumpiang ubod from Iloilo.

Boracay Halo HaloThe Boracay Food Festival is not just your typical fiesta that involves eating out, as the setting provides you plenty of opportunity to not just savor the unique and tasty dishes from various parts of the Philippines, but also learn and appreciate the culture of the people.