Puka Beach


Puka Beach is now becoming well-known in Boracay.  As we all know that this island is very famous for its white powdery sand, it still cannot be denied that Puka Beach is as beautiful as the Main Beach is.  It also has white sand, only mixed with Puka Shells.  That's why it's called Puka Beach. 

Puka Beach can be found on the northern part of the island, beyond Station 1.  It is also one of the islands you will go to if you do island hopping. 

puka beach boracay

Puka Beach is a far cry from most of the beaches in the island. It is a reflection of most peoples expectation of a tropical island: blue water, white sand, and relatively uninhabited. This vast stretch of land is where the locals converge to gather puka shells from which the beach derived its name.

Covering a total land area of 800 meters, Puka Beach ranks as the second longest beach comprising half of its northern tip. The sands in this part of the island are more silica and more grainy. The only sound that will be heard is the mild and gentle waves touching the white sands of the beach.

puka beach boracay

Compared to other beaches in Boracay, the waters here are rougher and deeper. The sands are not as powdery white as those found on White Beach. However, the peaceful environment and its beautiful sunset makes the trip worthwhile.

The beach is well-known for its abundance of puka shells, which is recognized worldwide. It is believed that people adorned with jewelries manufactured from puka shells would not be harmed during a long journey. For this reason, a trip to Puka Beach would never be complete without visiting shops that sell authentic puka shells.

puka beach boracay

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