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Cocoloco Resort Bar and Restaurant is a small hotel, located at Station 3 Beachfront, at Angol.

This area of Boracay's famous White Beach, holds the 'old' Boracay charm; being away from the larger establishments and party bars and restaurants you can relax and enjoy a quieter section of the beach.

Cocoloco offers simple, island-style, comfortable accommodation.  As well as a small beach garden with loungers, tables and chairs and a bar and a restaurant with delicious food and beverage.

The resort has just 6 uniquely designed rooms.  Two of the rooms are at the front of the hotel, whilst the other rooms are situated at the back.  All are just a few steps away from the beach and are complimented by a 1800sqm garden, which further enhances a natural, island feel.

Cocoloco Resort also offers a Bar and a Restaurant, with a great selection of drinks, including cocktails and Happy Hour, and food.

There is also a small beach garden with tables, chairs and sun loungers.

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