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St. Vincent Cottages - Coco Rimas is a favourite budget hotel for many travellers, particularly families, who return to Boracay year after year.

St. Vincent Cottages is a long-standing, family owned Hotel. Despite the name it no longer offers Cottages or Nipa Huts, and upgraded to hotel-style accommodation around 6 years ago.

St Vincent Cottages aim is to provide good accommodation which meets the needs of families, large groups and travellers on a budget.  To keep prices low only basic amenities and facilities are provided, this extends to housekeeping; if you want your room cleaned on a daily basis, please request this when you check in

Internet is not available at St Vincent Cottages

Rooms range from Small Rooms good for 1-2 people couples, Medium Rooms for up to 4 people, Large Rooms for up to 6 people and the Family Rooms, which can accommodate up to 10 people, with 5 double beds.

There are no kitchens or fridges in the rooms but St Vincent Cottages does offer a Common Kitchen in its courtyard.  Guests of the hotel are allowed to use this common kitchen, the utensils provided and the outside dining area.

Breakfast can be purchased for a good price


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