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 Wifi throughout (reach is as far as the beach)Wifi throughout (reach is as far as the beach)



Located in Station 3, you can enjoy the beautiful White Beach of Boracay island without the crowds and the noise, when staying at The Marzon Resort.

Here, relaxing and unwinding is the order of the day, or you can choose to engage in a range of exciting activities, which Front Office will be happy to assist you inarranging. When it's time for bed, come home to ultra cozy rooms and a soothing ambiance.

Breakfast is included and is served in front of the coffee shop, with views across the beach.

The Marzon offers a range of rooms, including Ocean View and Garden View.

The little beach garden, which forms a central courtyard, offers shade and a calming influence.  Each of the rooms have a bench and table immediately outside your door, as well as access to taps to wash the sand off your shoes and feet before entering.