Boracay Hotels & Accommodation


Many of Boracay's most popular hotels and resorts are those lining the path of the island's famous White Beach. 

However, there are also newer, on trend accommodations, including a growing range of back-packer options for those who are only seeking the basics needed for sleeping; such as Jeepney Hostel and Kite Resort and Boracay Box and Ladder

     Boracay Hotel Specials


Whether you are seeking minimal fuss and attention from your accommodation, or a quiet stay away from the party crowds does its best to offers you a range of options;

Our Budget Range includes, cheap Hotels and B&B's, Back-Packer style options, Apartelles and Guest Houses all with basic amenities to facilitate a good nights sleep.   Some of these also include beachfront properties like Arwana, Sulu Plaza and The Marzon Resort

Our Mid-Range Hotels typically offer greater facilities, amenities and services, or a beach-front location, and allow for a more pampered vacation, but still with reasonable rates.  Favourites continue to include Boracay Pito Huts,  the boutique Zuzuni, and the restful Reef Retreat on Bulabog Beach.

Our High End Hotels and Resorts are special places; where the luxurious facilities and extensive services offered, along with the hotels location, combine to provide a truly memorable island experience.  The stunning Monaco Suites, set against the cliffs with views across Bulabog, Cohiba Villas on Mount Luho, which feature some of the most spacious apartments on the island.  Hip and Cool Estacio Uno, and the luxurious Apartments of Boracay Beach Houses has a wealth of knowledge and direct experience of the island, its hotels and activities. You can contact us online, via Facebook or Skype.  Our site gives you the total cost of your booking before you proceed; there are no hidden costs.  What you see is what you get!

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When to visit:

The busiest times on Boracay are Christmas, New Year, Holy Week, Labor Day Weekend (May 1-4), Halloween and the summer months of April-May, when the island is alive with crowds and lots of parties and events.  It is best to make accommodation bookings a minimum of 2 months ahead at least, especially if you are determined to stay at a specific hotel or resort.

Boracay tends to be a bit quieter during the months of mid-June to September and this is the time when many hotels and resorts offer deals to attract people to stay with them.   This is also the period where Boracay experiences it's rainy season, although often the heaviest downfalls occur at night rather than during the day-time.

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