Boracay Destination Guide

Boracay is a small beautiful island, surrounded by coral reefs, located west of Panay island in Visayas of the Philippines.

Boracay is becoming increasingly more well known globally, with awards after awards bestowed upon it by travellers voting online, each year.

Boracay is a beautiful beach-destination and, for around one-third of the price of a similar western holiday, you can enjoy a visit to paradise and all that it has to offer.

Boracay is especially known for its glorious, 4 km long, 'White Beach,' situated on the West Coast and with over 300 beach resorts and hotels, ranging from Budget through to high end luxury, you're guaranteed to find a good place to stay in Boracay.

The water is warm, and the white sand is soft and finer than most beaches in the archipelago. Boracay also offers a extensive range of nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and bars that are open until the early hours. In the following sections, we have attempted to give you a brief synopsis of Boracay's City Guide.

Our Boracay Destination Guide below together with our Boracay Tour Suggestions will tell you all you need to know about the best places to visit in Boracay.

For tips on how to get around in Boracay, read our Boracay Transportation guide.

Boracay Weather

Boracay Events

Things to See & Do in Boracay

High season in Boracay is from November to the end of May, while the Low season is from June to October.

Boracay also has Super-peak seasons which are Christmas, New Year, Holy Week, Chinese New Year and, increasingly Halloween. Visitors are advised to make accommodation and tour bookings 2-3 months in advance, if they wish to stay on the island during Super Peak times.

Beaches in Boracay Top

Puka Shell Beach is quite an isolated beach and is the ideal beach to head for when you wish to escape from crowds of holiday makers. The white sands and the serene blue sea are enough to capture anyone's heart, but sometimes the sea shows a wilder side when the wind direction changes.

Punta Bunga Beach and Balinghai Beach are fairly quiet beaches, but slightly far from Boracay's main area.

Ilig-Iligan Beach is another lonely beach and is located very close to the shell museum. But this beach is not for the casual swimmers, as it tends to have rough waters.

Bulabog Beach is located on the eastern side of the island. A coral reef protects it from the high sea tides, creating a shallow, peaceful lagoon. Though it's a little shallow for swimming, you can do great parasailing and windsurfing. Windsurfing lessons and equipment as well as kite-surfing and boarding lessons are offered for beginners.

Diniwid Beach is separated from White Beach by a rocky divide. The beach is secluded and quite small and rocky. It's just walking distance away from White Beach but is a quiet and appealing alternative. The beach has become busier due to recent hotel developments.

Manoc-Manoc Beach is a rocky beach one needs to climb and hop over rocks and boulders to reach its white, sandy shores. It's situated at the other end of Boracay.

The beaches of Boracay are great places to enjoy the many watersports that can be enjoyed during your stay in Boracay including Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, diving and sailing.

Dive Sites in Boracay Top

There are a wide range of dive spots on Boracay, which are good for beginners and experienced Divers but they are certainly are not the best dives sites on offer in the Philippines, which is becoming more renowned amongst the diving community.

So, if diving is only a small part of your visit to Boracay, you won't be disappointed.

Bel-At Beach provides the best chance to see larger marine life such as turtles and sharks but strong currents make this suitable only for more experienced divers.

Yapak 1, is considered a better site, and is a wall dive site, just a few minutes from White Beach. 

Crocodile island is a great Coral reef dive where tropical fish and table corals are in abundance.

Boardsailing - if you're into action! Top

Activities like long board cruising, wave jumping and flat-water speed sailing are offered in Boracay. Bulabog beach is great for those into slalom, speed, and high-wind short board sailing. The Boracay International Fun Board Cup is also held here annually. Tabon Strait has much rougher winds, and is great for high-performance sailing, but only for the really skilled sailors. White Beach, on the other hand, is protected from the North-East Monsoon, and is great for beginners. Windsurfing in Boracay is a favoured past time for both locals and tourists alike.

A round of Golf? Top

Crafted by one of the world's master golf designers, Graham Marsh, together with Landscan of Australia as landscape architects, and Living waters of USA for the design of its water and rock features, Boracay's Fairways and Bluewater 18 hole golf course is sure to stun you with its sea views and natural splendor. Great to take a look at even if you don't play! 

Unwind and relax with a Massage Top

Diversions are not a problem in Boracay, with ongoing activities and events throughout the year. But Boracay is also the island for perfecting the art of doing nothing, otherwise known as becoming a beach bum; relax and simply laze around until your next meal.

So why not, as the end of the day, unwind with a relaxing or invigorating massage! The island will never run out skilled masseurs, offering massage services by the beach. But for a more luxurious treat, visit Spa Helios, at Boracay Hills

Visit, luxuriate and feel the difference; enjoy the heavenly ambiance and the highest quality services of a truly luxurious spa.  "A treatment at Spa Helios will certainly be one of the most memorable experiences that you will take home with you from your holiday on Boracay island!"

Bat Caves of Boracay Top

If you like the idea of thousands of bats of all sizes and species flying over your head and all around you, then you should not miss the Boracay Bat caves. These caves are located on the north-eastern coast of Yapak, and are reached only after traversing deep jungle paths. Brave tourists, spelunkers, and the focused photographers and naturalists can hire young children from the nearby villages as local guides and head for bat stench-filled caves in the evenings when the bats are awake and flying their nocturnal flight over the heads of visitors. The bat species include small cave bats and flying foxes or giant fruit bats with a wingspan up to 4 feet. This last one is certainly not for the faint-hearted and can get quite scary.

Dead Forest Top

An eerie atmosphere awaits you in this Dead Forest, which is located right next to the fishponds on the south side of the island. These clumps of bare trees are silhouetted against the dark night and create strange and scary pictures, encouraged by your active imagination. Sometimes this ambience does make your hair stand on end, the spell probably only broken by the mosquitoes around.

Mount Luho Top

Mount Luho is well known as the highest elevation on Boracay Island at 60 metres above sea level. For the uninitiated, it can be an tough ascent climbing to the top in the heat, but definitely worth the view. Once up there, a little kiosk serves cold water and soft drinks. There are hammocks available to lie back and rest your aching muscles.

Nabaoy River Top

If you have a little longer on the island and feel like exploring further take the boat back over to the mainland and get a tricycle to Nabaoy river.

The short 15 minute trike ride takes you through lush rice fields and very local village life.  Once at the river enjoy a refreshing swim and try local food at any of the wonderfully native riverside restaurants perched on the river banks.  Ask for the freshwater shrimps, they might not always be available but if they are you're in for a treat.

Important Numbers - Tourism and Travel Top

Bureau of immigration : 288 5267
Department of Tourism: 288 3289
Department of Tourism (DOT Boracay) (036) 288-3689 

Philippine Country Code (63)
Philippine Time Zone +8hours
Boracay Area Code (036)

Police: call 135 and 166 in emergency or 288 3066
Hospital 24hr hotline: 141 or 288 3041

Allied Bank: Main Road near Boat Station two - 288 3026
Metro Bank: Main road near D'Mall - 288 5868
Bank of the Philippine Islands: D'Mall - 288 6612

Malay cave walk Top

Take the boat back over to Caticlan and then a tricycle for twenty minutes to Malay Poblacion.  Ask anyone in town for directions its just a five minute walk from the main square to the road that leads to the caves.  You will need to pick up a guide to show you and light the way.  The caves are very accesible and fit for all abilities.  It takes a leisurely  hour to walk to them, get through and walk back to town.

Boracay Tourist Centre Information Top

The Boracay Tourist Centre has become an institution of sorts, and is a hub not only for the tourists, but for the residents and businesses as well. It is still the ultimate one-stop shop of Boracay. It has reliable and quick Money Transfer facilities, Credit Card Facilities, Foreign Exchange, Telecom, Postal and Internet Services. There is a state-of-the-art internet café, a mini-mart for buying all sorts of things needed daily, safety deposit boxes and a travel centre, making life for tourists a lot easier. The mini-mart even sells a good range of things like towels and T-shirts and other kinds of things you need while on a beach holiday in Boracay. Photo shops develop photos in an hour. There is even a boutique selling all kinds of native arts and crafts. They sell original articles, but can be a little expensive.

Boracay Tourist Centre
Mangayad, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, 5608 Malay, Aklan, Philippines
Tel.: +63 36 288 3704 / 05
+63 36 288 3023
Boracay Tourist Center Web site

Further Reading Top

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Malay Eco park Top

Just over the water again in caticlan take a ten minute tricycle ride to the Eco Park where you can see examples of local flora and fauna.  They also have a really nice viewing tree house with views back over to Boracy and over the rice fields of malay.  You can even picnic there.

Kar-Tir Shell Museum Top

Visiting Kar-Tir Museum at Ilig-Illigan village is a good way to get introduced to Filipino culture. It has a fascinating display of pottery, carvings, hand-woven articles and even traditional costumes from various regions of Philippines. The entrance fee is minimal.