Boracay Map


Find local Boracay hotels, restaurants and shops as well as all the 'must-see' highlights of a trip to the Philippines with our Boracay map below. Simply point and click on any of the icons to find out more!

You will hear a lot of people talk about Station1, 2 or 3; this is in reference to the old boat stations used for arriving travellers, and a way of describing now where hotels, bars or restaurants are located.

Station 1: Has become known as the luxury end of the island.  You'll find most of the more expensive beachfront hotels and resorts here, as well as a few remaining family-owned budget or boutique hotels. Station 1 is the northern section of White Beach.

Station 2: is the middle section and is nicknamed 'party central' as it is where many of the beachfront bars, restaurants and clubs are located, as well as D'Mall; the shopping center of Boracay.  It is still possible to find hotels and resorts that are close to the action but away from the noise.

Station 3: has its share of little beachfront shops, bars and restaurants but tends to be quieter than Station 2, and even Station 1. There are more mid-range and budget hotels in this area, with a few high end and boutique accommodations.  Angol/Angol Point: Is the last stretch of Station 3 White Beach and often referred to as 'Old Boracay'.  Here you will find some of the remaining Nipa/Beach Hut accommodations and smaller and budget establishments, along with a few boutique hotels.  The beach is emptier and quieter, with some relaxed bars and restaurants and its a popular hangout for locals and ex-pats at the weekends.

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