Food & Cuisine in Boracay

The restaurants and nightlife in Boracay are vibrant, with many options for food, drinks, and entertainment until the early hours of the next morning!



In the last two years Boracay has experienced a surge in the opening of new restaurants and places to eat, ranging from International cuisines to Filipine-Fusion.    We really do encourage you step away from Western-influenced venues and chains, and try the local cuisine. 


There are four km's of beachfront restaurants and hotels in Boracay, offering every kind of food you can imagine from Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, French, German and Korean, to the local Filipino fare.   But ask around or check our guides and you will discover some hidden delights, beloved by locals and ex-pats alike. Check out our list of Boracay restaurants, bars and cafes Boracay Restaurants or our Philippines Restaurant guide for more information about the country's food and cuisine.

Food and Cuisine in Boracay

Local Delights in Boracay - What may delight one person may be utterly repulsive to someone else.  But for the adventurous of heart and stomach, Boracay does have a lot of novel and immensely delicious things to offer your taste buds.  Check out our Philippine Street Foods article, which lists some of the Go Discover Travel team’s favourite snacks and treats.

One delicacy you will find readily available from vendors on the beach, in the evenings, is called Balut. Balut is typically the embryo of a duck (sometimes chicks), cooked within its shell, so it looks on the outside like a hard-boiled egg. Balut is immensely loved by those who enjoy it and gives immense enjoyment to many Filipino’s watching their newly found foreign friends reaction when eating it. 

The evening beach vendors offer other interesting snacks too, including peanuts, popcorn and chicharon. Chicharon is a crackling mixture of peanuts and pork, not unlike Pork Scratchings and is usually served with spicy vinegar.

Lechon is another big favourite in the Philippines and whilst it is usually reserved for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and christenings, travellers will find that there are many restaurants offering buffet nights which include Lechon. Lechon is whole spit-roasted pig, with a delicious, crunchy ‘crackling’, much adored by Filipino’s who typically reach for the fatty parts of the meat first.

Deli Food in Boracay
Heidiland Deli is located in D' Mall, on a corner and next to The Tides Hotel.  Heidiland is a fully air-conditioned, European style deli selling cheeses, cold cuts, yoghurt, cream, wines, European biscuits and chocolate and much more.

Crafts Deli is new to the deli scene and has a good variety of imported cooked meats and cheeses, steaks, fresh juices and sought after items such as Bird’s Custard Powder, Mustards, Gravy Granules as well as Scottish Shortbread.  Craft’s also sells a delicious range of deli sandwiches and panini’s, made to order.

Gusto Y Gustos Deli and Bakery is located next to Dos Mestizos at Station 2 (next to the Tourist Police), and sells delicious breads, muffins and cakes.  It also has a good range of Italian and Spanish items and has recently started selling a variety of delicious doughnuts.  Gusto’s also sells deli sandwiches to take away, or eat in.

Drinks & Party Scene in Boracay - Boracay has a thriving nightlife, with lots of bars and restaurants to choose from.
The more noisy bars are located at Stations 1 and 2, where you can spend the whole night partying away.  You can sample lots of different bars & clubs with the Boracay PubCrawl, whilst making lots of new friends.  The Pub Crawl takes places several times a week.

Station 1 offers Guilly’s Island, Club Paraw and the famous Cocomanga’s.
Guilly’s Island runs a challenge ‘Gone in 60 seconds’.  To succeed you will need to finish 6 drink in 60 seconds, for this you will get your picture on their wall and a ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ T-shirt.
Cocomanga’s is the oldest club on the island and is now run by the son of the original owner.  Cocomanga’s also offers its famous ‘Still Standing after 15’ challenge; drink 15 shots and if you’re still standing your name will be engraved on their Wall of Fame, your number will be added to the Country tally and you’ll receive a free T-shirt.  Do it for your Country!

Station 2 offers Exit Bar, Bombom Bar, Pat’s Creek, Epic, Summerplace and Om BarExit Bar, Bombom and Pat’s Creek all emerged from an earlier group of locals and expats and can all be found within 10 meters of each other, close to the beach entrance to D’Mall.  All offer live music which tends to be reggae or drum based with local and visiting artists. Epic is located at the site of the much-loved Hey Judes which closed in 2010, at the top of the beach end of D’Mall and is popular with the Manila Crowd.  Summerplace is located on the beach path, as is Juice Bar, which is not far from Boracay Regency Hotel.  Both are popular venues for parties and fun nights.  Summerplace often operates an entrance fee whilst Juice Bar only applies this on promotion nights.

Station 3 and Angol are quieter and more relaxed and so are quite popular with Boracay regulars and locals who wish to escape the party scene.  This section of the beach offers small local eateries, cafes, restaurants and bars dotting the area, all offering a laidback alternative to the hectic pace of the Station locations.

Red Pirates Pub offers a laidback and friendly atmosphere and is the kind of place where you can meet other travellers and exchange notes over drinks and live music. It's a native style beach bar and, if you are lucky you could be treated to a spontaneous tribal jamming session, with bongo drums and various kinds of native instruments!  The owners Jen and Joey also run the Red Pirates Paraw, which many feel is the best Paraw operative on the island.  Joey is a fabulous cook and host and he and his team of pirates will make your island hopping on a Paraw a time to remember.  

Further down the beach, past Red Pirates is Conga’s, another laid back venue which often hosts alternative Full and Black Moon parties, regularly attended by locals and travellers alike.  The tone of Conga’s is very much tribal alternative and the party nights feature local artists and drummers.

Area 51 is a venue that has made a name for itself for its Full Moon parties and is located at the far end of Bulabog Beach, adjacent to the Ati Village.

There are many events and parties hosted by these venues, with feature visiting DJ’s and Musicians.  To keep up to date with events going on check out our Events Page and our Facebook Page Boracay.Travel