Shopping in Boracay

There are many vendors roaming the beach, selling all kinds of fashion accessories made from stones, shells, beads and other local materials. These vendors generally set up small tables by the shore from early morning till late at night, displaying their items to tempt the casual beach-goers. Haggling is quite common, though some shops strictly maintain fixed prices. One tip is to keep looking around in a number of shops to get an idea of a fair price, since the prices can vary from shop to shop. Once you get used to it, this kind of bargain shopping is a joyful diversion and can be quite exciting!

The beach path and D'Mall are two places lined with shops selling all kinds of native jewellery and exotic crafts and even modern beachwear.

Fill your suitcase as you go souvenir shopping in Boracay. However, be aware of what items to avoid; buying endangered species of shells such as Giant Clams, Helmet and Trumpet shells (see below photo) is illegal; if you are found buying these, or try to leave the island with these, you will be detained, prosecuted and fined and could face a prison sentence.

It is also illegal to take samples of sand or coral from Boracay's Beaches

                             What not to buy on Boracay; illegal shells

Work is being undertaken to remove these shells from the shops and stalls on the island, alongside a re-education program of the traders

In addition, Trumpet shells are the only species that eats crown-of-thorns (COTs), which devastate corals and marine habitats if not kept in check.


Read on and we will tell you all you need to know to get the best deals and learn about the best places to shop in Boracay.

If you get hungry during your shopping spree, stop for some finger food or relax in one of Boracay's Restaurants.

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Boracay Shopping Guide

Fresh Seafood

If you ever feel like having fresh seafood, and don't really want to go fishing, the beaches in Boraco offer the next best option. Buy it from local fishermen who roam about with boxes and baskets containing prawns, fish, squid, lobster and even oysters. There's even a guy selling hot roasted chicken, which you can recognize from shouts of "Lechon Manok!"

Prices here generally depend on the article you buy and its weight, but they are almost always much lower than in the shops. And don't worry if your hotel or resort does not offer cooking facilities - there are many local places where you can get your meal barbecued.

Shopping Lights

The markets here have some very interesting locally made lamps on offer. Funky Lighting sells hand made lamps of various colours and styles (and prices) - some made from handmade paper, some from cocoa or mango leaves; there is even a ‘gecko' lamp - and they are all hand made by artists in Boracay itself! Shops are even willing to pack and ship orders anywhere in the world.

Personalised Slippers

If you are looking for unusual souvenirs, the shops in old D'Mall are the ones to visit. Here, you can get sandals made to almost any design of your choice; you'll also find a huge variety of wonderfully exotic crafted shoes temptingly arranged on the walls for you to choose from. The prices generally start from P150. These sandals make for great personalized presents! You can also get your shoes and bags repaired for prices as low as P10.

Screenprinted T-Shirts

There are a number of beachfront shops that sell screen-printed T-Shirts, and an opportunity to watch the designers at work.  Particular favourites include renditions of Boracays beautiful sunsets and many offer the opportunity for personal designs.

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