Boracay Tours and Activities


Tourists from all over the world are attracted to Boracay, for its beautiful White Beach and the islands party reputation.  But there is more to do here than just sunbathe, swim and dance the night away.

Boracay offers a lot to visitors; take a Paraw Sail at Sunset or Island Hop with snorkeling and a picnic included. Try out Diving, Kite boarding, or visit the nearby Carabao Island on a party cruise, for an idea of how Boracay was 30 years ago.

Relax with a massage or treatment or go even further back in time to visit Motag Living Museum; an interactive Museum, set up to recreate a village farm of the 1920's

Fill your time here with as much, or as little as you want from our Range of Tours and Activities


Boracay sees an annual migration of Kitesurfers arrival from all over the Western World and there's a reason; Bulabog Beach offers some of the best kiteurfing there is!

Even in Low Season when learners and experts switch in White Beach.

Check out our courses below ranging from an Introduction to Kitesurfing, through to an Intensive course designed to get you up, riding and ready to buy your own equipment

Duration: 6 hours