Transportation in Boracay

Boracay is located in the Aklan province, and is easily reachable from the nearest airport at Caticlan by ‘banca' (or pump boat) or Oyster Ferry. You can fly directly into Caticlan or Kalibo Airport. Flights to Kalibo Airport tend to be cheaper and with better baggage weight, but it's possible to get some great deals for Caticlan too.

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Check out our Boracay Destination Guide for things to see and do whilst you're here, or check out our Philippines Transport page for information about transport to and around the country.

Boracay Transportation Guide: Getting to Boracay

BY AIR: You can fly in to either Caticlan or Kalibo Airport. 

Caticlan Airport, is the nearest airport to the island and the runway and facilities are currently being extended in order to accommodate larger planes from 2016. Currently, the latest flights to land at Caticlan are around 17.30pm (5.30pm) and the complimentary baggage allowance is usually only 10kg's, plus carry-on.  It is important to check the baggage allowance included at the time of booking & pay for extra, which is cheaper than at check-in.  Don't be too shocked if they ask you to step on the scales too; some of the smaller planes require weight distribution!

From Caticlan Airport take a trike to Caticlan Port, which is less than a 10 minute ride away, and from here a 25-35 minute ferry across to Boracay (see below).

Kalibo Airport is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from Caticlan Port. The positive aspects of flying in to Kalibo include larger planes, more generous complimentary baggage allowance and later flight arrivals, which is better for international travellers who don't arrive in Manila until mid-day.  In addition, you get to enjoy some stunning views of the Philippine countryside, rural farm life and rugged coastline on your journey to Caticlan, from your mini-van, coach or air-conditioned bus or Jeepney.  Our Transfers are in an air-conditioned coach or mini-van and can include a comfort break halfway, where you can also purchase refreshments.

From Caticlan Port to Boracay: On arrival at Caticlan Port, you will be met by many willing baggage handlers, ready to assist you with your luggage.  Expect to pay around 20PHP per bag or suitcase, but if it is an exceptional large or heavy bag you may want to consider a little extra.   If you don't want help with your baggage be firm and clear. 

At the port you can select to take a Banca, or Fast Ferry across to Boracay.  The difference in speed varies between an extra 5-10 minutes by the Banca, depending on weather conditions. Boat choice will also depend on what time you arrive at the Port. You will need to pay a Terminal and Environmental Fee, which are separate booth windows from where you purchase the boat tickets, and once through the security checks you will be asked to complete an arrival form.  In Low Season the Banca's may be decommissioned if conditions are choppy, and they also stop from around 18.00pm (6pm) as night falls, as night navigation equipment is needed, leaving only the Fast/Oyster Ferry option.

For those travellers who have opted to make their own way to Boracay and who are arriving very late at night, it is possible to hire a private boat but it can cost anywhere from 1,000php to 2,000php depending on how good you are at bargaining.

From Boracay to your Hotel: on arrival at Cagban Port (or Tambisaan in Low Season) you will have the option of trikes or open mini vans. If you've packed light it's possible to share a trike with other people heading in the same direction and paying 'Regular' fare.  However, it is more likely that you will be required to hire a 'special' for just you and your companion. Prices for a special range from 100php through to 250php depending on where on the island you are going to.  Bear in mind that Manoc Manoc, Angol and Station 3 is the closest area to the port, followed by Station 2, then Station 1 and hotels on Bulabog Beach. 

Hotels as far as way as Diniwid, Yapak and Puka Beach are likely to cost you around 200-250PHP as a private fare.  Many of the trikes have a fare sticker so you can get an idea of prices.  Another tip for once you're on the island is to pick up a copy of the free newspaper, Boracay Sun from one of the shops, bars, restaurants or cafes, as they regularly print details of the Regular Fare rates.


Other ways to get to Boracay:

BY BOAT: Check out 2Go Ferries online, or MBRS shipping lines (+632-243-5888) which also operates a ferry between Manila and Caticlan. Call for the latest schedules and fares.

2Go Ferries Leave from Batangas, which is a 2 hour coach or bus drive from Manila.  There are many coach companies offering journey's from Manila to Batangas. Most Ferries sail from Batangas at 20.00pm (8pm) and arrive at Caticlan port at 05.00am the next morning. There are several types of ticket available, including an open deck, shared cabin or private cabin. The 2Go Ferry's have bars and restaurants on board and can be a fun, though slow way of getting to Boracay.


Getting Around Boracay: 

On the island, public transportation is mainly by motorised or electric 'Trikes'. 'Regular' Prices on the flat area are ten pesos per person/per station and trip. so a journey from Station 3 to D'Mall at Station 2 should be 10-15PHP, just look for a trike with space and wave it down.

If the driver asks if you want a 'Special' this is a private journey and will be more expensive than a shared journey. Regular Fare options tend to be more difficult to find late at night and in the early hours of the morning, so if you're going out to party make sure you keep enough cash for your journey home.

Tricycles for island trips can be rented at the office of the Tricycle Association or by negotiating a price directly with tricycle drivers.


Other means of transportation are privately-hired mountain bikes and motorbikes, which can be rented at several places. However, the riding of motorbikes along White Beach, and most of the beach path, are forbidden by law.

Some travellers opt to get around on the back of motorbikes.  These journey's are referred to as 'Singles' and are not regulated but are used by many locals.  Where there are trikes waiting there will be motorbikes waiting too.  It is your choice to use this way of getting around and you should practice caution.  

Other ways to Get Around

A common sight round the island is the sailing Paraw, a narrow hulled boat with outriggers either side and with passengers sometimes seated on a webbing platform between the outrigger supports. These are extremely fast off the wind, can be rather unwieldy and going 'about' can be sometimes less than straight forward, but that is half the fun. Come 3pm in the afternoon and the Paraws are usually to be found lined up along the beach of Station 2, and can be hired for a sunset sail or day trips round the island; a wonderful experience if you don't mind getting wet.

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