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There is a place in Boracay that provides quiet and serenity, whilst being within walking distance of everything that is fun and vibrant in the island.

You can find it on the southern end of White Beach, relatively secluded and the very picture of a luxurious beach holiday… BORACAY BEACH HOUSES.

Boracay Beach Houses are serviced vacation homes which can be rented for a minimum of 5 days.

Built using indigenous and imported construction material, all three Beach Houses have an architecture that is both modern and tropical, and which blends well with the local surroundings.  

Step out of your room into the beach garden, where coconut trees gently sway in the breeze, the sun loungers await your day of relaxation and you can bury your feet in the unbelievably soft sand of Boracay's White Beach.

The rooms, designed by the Manila-based One Place Design group, are each appointed different themes and are equipped with designer furniture, high-end European bathroom fixtures and lights, and a wide collection of artworks from local and international artists, making each room unique.

The Boracay Beach Houses face the Sea, which is dazzling by day and beautifully framed by spectacular sunsets by evening, with views across to the neighboring island of Panay and, on clear days, Caluya Island.



The "caring for the customer" rating is an aggregate score for the five parameters we survey (welcome, the service, charm, cleanliness/maintenance and overall experience/value for money. There must be a minimum of 3 traveller ratings we can average before we display a rating for the property. We also age traveller ratings and discard any that are over twelve months old.