Boracay South Hotels

The Hotels we've listed under Boracay South are a little bit special.

All are away from other touristy areas and provide a little bit of luxury and special touches

Mandala, is also a well-respected and heavily Awarded Spa & therapy center.   Set in vast area of forest land and overlooking White Beach at Station 3/Angol, it has to be one of the most relaxing places on the whole of Boracay, and benefits from the simply stunning Prana Restaurant.    You do not need to be staying at Mandala Spa to take the treatments or classes available, nor for eating in the restaurant.  Although reservations are a must.

Lingganay & Monaco Suites both have views across to Bolabog Beach and Tulubahan Beach, and have been built in a gradient in the cliff walls.    Long term rent apartments are available at both