Bulabog Hotels

Bulabog has long been referred to as 'Back Beach' and is on the opposite side of the island to Boracay's infamous White Beach.

It is here where you'll find Wind and KiteSurfers from around the World, during Amihan Season (approx mid-October to end of May), and many rent apartments or stay in hotels and resorts on Bulabog Beach so they just need to step out of their room to be ready to surf!

Bulabog Beach is becoming more developed, with larger hotels being built but you can still find choice little resorts like Reef Retreat, or The Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast to offer some privacy and quiet. 

Good places to eat include Fusion Bar (attached to Jeepney Hostel), 7 Stones 7 Note Cafe, Los Indios Bravos, Lola's Pizza for those on a budget, Two Brown Boys and Munchies.

There are also increasing numbers of breakfast and lunch options, in the middle section of the beach from favourites such as SMOKE and Lokal Bar.

Location: Bulabog
Location: Bulabog