Station 2 (non-beachfront) Hotels

Station 2, is probably the busiest area on Boracay.   Within Station 2 you will find most of the banks, massage parlours, restaurants, bars and markets.

There are also a number of newer hotels along the main road, catering for mostly the emerging Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese markets, as well as corresponding restaurants and shops.

Station 2 also has the gift of hiding some little delights such as Boracay Summer Palace, with its courtyard rooms and swimming pool, and the beautiful, and very private, nearby restaurant Pau Patri, which was lovingly constructed over a mangrove swamp

In the center is the hub and D'Mall with its supermarkets Crafts and Budgetmart, as well a McDonalds.

If you continue to walk along the main road, towards Station 1, you'll discover Charlie's Steakhouse & Diner, an air-con grill and steak restaurant, which features a live band nightly, as well as special guests and weekly promos such as buy 1 - get 1, Ladies Night (free house cocktail) & mix and match