Station 1 Beachfront Hotels

Boracay's Station 1 White Beach, is where you will find more luxury hotels, such as Friday's, Ambassadors, Estacio Uno and Discovery Shores.  There are also smaller, boutique hotels such as MR Holiday, Bluewaves Beach House and True Home Boracay, which tend to get booked months in advance

Restaurants and bars include the wonderful Moroccan Kasbah, Obama's Grill and Boracay Toilet (yes really!), and you can also eat at Friday's and Ambassadors, but may be required to book in advance.

Station 1 is also where you'll find the famous 'Willy's Rock', please do not jump from this rock or swim close to it, as there are strong rip-currents that can pull you against the rocks.

                             Willy's Rock Boracay