Station 3 Hotels Beachfront

Boracay's Station 3 White Beach, and Angol Point, are commonly called 'Old Boracay' by locals and longstanding ex-pats.   The area of Station 3, closest to Station 2, can still be crowded and lively at night, but the further away you get the quieter it gets.

Hotels at this end of the beach tend to be smaller, with only 2-3 levels at the most and a united decision not to drown out the sounds of the waves with party music.

If you're wanting a quiet refuge, Station 3 is probably where you should consider staying.

The area also features smaller bars and restaurants, as well as the hotel restaurants.   Contenders for a great meal, or island-feel night out, include Cowboys Cocina, Villa Caemilla, Hey Jude, Red Pirates, Conga's Bar, Nagisa Coffee shop and restaurant, 357 Boracay (fantastic ribs) and Treehouse