Yapak & Ilig-Iligan Hotels

Yapak is the Baranagay which is located in the North of the island.   Here you will find some of Boracay's exclusive Resorts such as Shangri-La, Alta Vista, Argonauta and Zoe Mei.  In addition you'll find the delightful Eco-friendly Balanghai, with its unique accommodations and private cove, and Oasis Resort and Spa, which is a community-based, and run, hotel close to Ilig-iligan Beach.

Yapak includes Puka Beach, or Puka Shell Beach, so-named as this is where the majority of Puka Shells were gathered from for the Island's souvenirs, although not so these days.  Puka Beach is a long stretch and has gathered many fans, and accolades over the years.  It's a beach where the locals and visitors alike head to escape the crowds.  It is also a popular stop off point for a BBQ lunch, for some of the many Island Hopping excursions.  Snorkelling here is good but weak swimmers should be aware of the strong currents and the strong waves.

Ilig-Iligan is a quiet, unassuming part of Boracay, which is perfect for those who want to enjoy the sounds and surroundings of a beautiful, serene tropical environment. Trees and Tropical plants are in abundance here and Ilig-Iligan beach itself is deliciously deserted. Even so there are a few stores around and a Beach BBQ booth from which you can buy freshly cooked food. PLEASE BE WARNED:  It is very tempting to swim out to the rocky outcrops in front of Ilig-iligan shore, but there is an unpredictable and strong riptide, which can suddenly appear out of nowhere and there have been a number of drownings on this beach.  

The extreme parts of Yapak have remained relatively construction free but the new development Boracay New Coast is already making its presence known, as the entrance roads to this development are from the main road that runs through Yapak