Getting Married on Boracay

The Perfect Wedding in Paradise

Beach weddings are the most popular type of destination wedding. From simple barefoot affairs to elaborately decorated productions by the ocean’s edge, the elemental beauty of the beach, the surf, and the sun create an appropriate setting to launch a new life together.

boracay beach wedding

The alluring and pristine beauty of Boracay makes for a magnificent background when you recite your marital vows. The perpetual and hypnotic ebb and flow of tides, the powdery white sand beneath your toes, and the warm breeze softly caressing your bride’s blushing cheeks. There is also the seemingly endless horizon and the vast expanse of the sea reflecting your desire for eternal love.

The Boracay advantage

Warm weather, wide beaches, and hotels experienced in organizing destination weddings have given Boracay the edge in attracting couples to marry here. Brides and grooms often combine their Boracay wedding and honeymoon at the same resort.

boracay beach wedding

Local Wedding Laws

It is however essential to know the local laws and regulations to make sure your marriage is legal. Fortunately, getting married in Boracay has never been easier.

Here's what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for a Philippines marriage license. We recommend getting this legal aspect of your wedding out of the way about a month before your wedding date.

If this is your first marriage, the local civil registrar will ask to see your original birth certificates or your baptismal certificates. Certified copies may be accepted. You need to provide the full name, residence and citizenship of your parents or guardians.

If either of you are not citizens of The Philippines, you have to provide your passport and a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage. An affidavit in lieu of a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage may also be accepted. You need to check with your country's consular officer to make sure that they are providing the affidavit.

boracay beach wedding

If you are under the age of 18, you can not get married in the Philippines even if your parents are okay with the marriage.
Individuals must be at least 21 years old to get married in the Philippines without written parental consent. If your parents cannot appear with you before the local civil registrar, a legal affidavit with the signatures of two witnesses may be accepted.

If you have been previously married, you will need to provide the death certificate of your deceased spouse or the judicial decree of your absolute divorce, or the judicial decree of your annulment or declaration of nullity of your previous marriage.

Beach Wedding

Couples who opt to have civil wedding and those that are non-Catholics are the ones who get to experience a beach front Boracay wedding ceremony. The entire beach front is transformed into an open air wedding venue, complete with decorated chairs, aisle, and altar. The sea and then horizon then becomes a 'wall art' that changes throughout your wedding. In the morning, it's all blue and white; in the afternoon, it dons red orange hues.

It is best to have the wedding ceremony either early in the morning or just before sunset when the sea and the horizon becomes a perfect backdrop that changes throughout your wedding with blue and white; and a variety of red orange hues producing astounding wedding photos.

boracay beach wedding

Beach Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions can also be done at the beach front. Arrangement usually depend on your wedding caterer or the hotel wedding venue you have booked. Be mindful however of the tide. Not all areas of Boracay are of the same distance to the sea shore. Make sure to discuss consider the tidal situation in the area.

Most couples go for a Sand and Sea shell theme, others have done Grecian, and Tropical. It all depends on you and your partner. But one thing that is always present in all weddings held in Boracay is sand sculptures. These intricate sand castle artworks are done by local sculptures.

boracay beach wedding sandcastle

Some notable venues

Fridays Boracay offers a wedding package inclusive of a honeymoon package and a wonderful beach reception.

For a truly luxurious and elegant wedding venue, you can choose  the chic and uber fashionable Discovery Shores.

If you choose a tropical themed venue, a wedding and reception done by Ambassador in Paradise makes a truly unforgettable wedding in paradise

Estacio Uno (Boracay Lifestyle Resort) is popular among locals, when they get married.  Another Station 1 and beachfront hotel, with great space for the ceremony and the reception

Seawind Resort.  Does happen to put on some of the most amazing events and weddings that members of our team have attended.  Sea Wind Resort is one of the first family built and owned hotels, and it has maintained its Palms and Seagrass areas religiously.  It boasts the widest stretches of beachfront.   The special and added touch is that the majority of the staff team at Sea Wind are 2nd and 3rd Generation Family of the original staff teams, and this shines through with their attention to detail.

Wahine (in conjunction with Mamas Fish House) in Diniwid Cove is renowned for it's bohemian, and eclectic beach weddings