Places to eat in Boracay

Since 2015 Boracay has seen an explosion of new places to eat, and attracted some world class chef's to its shores.   For team members living on the island, this expansion has been havoc for their waistlines.  


Here are some of the Boracay Teams favourite restaurants and eateries:-

Los Indios Bravos, (mid-top Budget) located close to Bulabog Beach, Los Indios is owned by locals Heather and Tantan. 

Launched in 2015, this restaurant has woo'd with its heavenly Chicken Wings (with a stunning crisp & sticky coating - don't miss the all you can eat Wing Wednesdays), divine Chicken Tikka Massala with hand-made pickles, and Chicken Paratha. As well as the naughty addition of a Deep-fried Mars Bar on the dessert menu.

They also feature 4 different 'on tap' beers each month and offer a taster selection for guests to purchase and try, before buying a full pint.

Los Indios Bravos, Boracay Restaurants Chicken Wings Wing Wednesday Los Indios Bravos Boracay Restaurants Los Indios Bravos, Boracay Restaurants

Master Chef's Norbert Gandler and Kenneth Cacho, offer on the job training to the restaurants trainee chefs, in a venture similar to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, in the UK.

The menu is extensive and the waiting staff  are courteous and helpful.  


The owners also have Steampunk, in the center of D'Mall, which originally sprang from Quezon City's Bite Club.  A interior design upgrade and menu expansion took place in 2016 and it's certainly a place to visit, even if it's just for the sinful Milk-shakes!  

Steampunk Boracay Triple X Burger Steampunk Boracay Milkshakes

The decor is amazing and includes a Steampunk inspired dumbwaiter.  The original Triple X burger (500 grams of all-beef meatiness - see above) and the Burgerella (a Pattie stuffed with mozzarella) remain on the menu..

- - - - -

Subo, (Mid-Top Budget) launched in late 2015 this restaurant is a view to behold; the whole building was dismantled, shipped and restored to its former glory in extensive gardens and grounds.  The decor, design and furnishings are akin to stepping back in time and includes converted Singer Sewing Machine Tables.   

Subo Boracay, Boracay Restaurants Subo Boracay, Boracay Restaurants, Restaurant Reviews Boracay  Subo Boracay, Boracay Restaurants, Restaurant Reviews Boracay 

The food is Philippine classics with a modern twist and servings are generous, meaning you can order a number of dishes from the menu to share.   The stunning venue makes this a beautiful place for special or romantic events.

Chef Sunny de Ocampo also regularly runs informative and fun cooking classes, just don't eat for 24 hours, so you have room to devour everything that you have cooked!

 - - - - -

Dos Mestizos, (Top Range Budget) listed as Spanish-Filipino Heritage Cuisine.  This restaurant, and next door Deli-Coffee Shop-Bakery, has existed for years but continues to hold its own against the newer restaurants.   

The decor is rustic and is perfect for setting the theme and atmosphere.   Local musicians and singers, gently croon in the background and the staff are attentive.

Saturday Night, is Tapas Night offering a constantly refreshed buffet selection of Chef, Andrew Malarky's dishes

We love that the walls are decorated with photos of so many locals and islanders from years gone by.   

The next door deli and bakery, is a great stop off for coffee, where you can order some of the tastiest sandwiches on the island, along with freshly baked breads, glazed doughnuts and muffins.  Andrew is also becoming known for being rather good at rich, heavy birthday cakes (to order) for those who are bored of the insipid, flavourless offerings from local Cake chains, and for a similar price too.

 - - - - -

Kasbah (Top Range Budget) at Station 1 is another 'oldie' but still a favourite on account of its delicious Moroccan food made with fresh, quality ingredients.  Located at Station 1, on the beach, it can be a bit of a trek to get to, but it's worth it and you'll have worked up a hunger and burned off some calories to justify your indulgent orders.   

Kasbah Boracay, Restaurant Reviews, Places to eat Boracay Kasbah Boracay, Restaurant Reviews, Places to eat Boracay  Kasbah Boracay, Restaurant Reviews, Places to eat Boracay

The Tagine's are filling, with meat or fish that just melt in your mouth.   The Entrees and Mezze Platters can be ordered as a light lunch but you're likely to want to stay and order a main or dessert, and the Creme Brule, Panacota or Baklava are both perfect ends to your meal. 


 - - - - -

Nigi Nigi Nu Noo's (Mid Range Budget) on White Beach at Station 2, has had a resurge in 2016 with some tasty additions to the trusted menu, by South African Chef Mike.  

In addition, Mike has introduced Meal Deals for Lunch Time and Early Evening that are as delicious as they are budget-conscious.  Particular favourites are the Pica-Pica Plates, Beef Salpicao and the Chili Prawn Spaghetti.  

They also have an Ice Cream vending machine, which sometimes gets raided for delicious Ice Cream Shots!

The fabulous menu is complemented by, frankly, one of the best bands on the islands who never fail to get the bar and restaurant on its feet, and dancing, every night.

  - - - - -

Hoy Panga! (Cheap eats to Mid-Range) is on Station 2 White Beach. There used to be two Hoy Panga's on Boracay, and sadly our favourite closed in September 2016.  But the beachfront venue, located between Boracay Uptown and True Food, is still a good choice and offers beachfront dining as well as an indoor, air-con option

Hoy Panga! Boracay Budget Restaurants  Hoy Panga! Boracay Budget Restaurants

Hoy Panga!  is perfect for the budget conscious traveller and offers a limited but good range of Filipino classics.   

What you absolutely can not miss is the Tuna Jaw, even if you're not a fan of fish; it is the darkest and richest fish you will ever taste.   The Tuna Sisig and the Gising Gising are also incredibly flavoursome.

 - - - - -

Lemoni Cafe - (Mid-Top Range Budget) continues to be great for International-style breakfast, lunch and dinner ... and for cakes, lots and lots of delicious cakes and desserts. 

In fact Lemoni is the perfect stop for coffee and dessert.

Lemoni Cafe Boracay, Places to eat Boracay Lemoni Cafe Boracay, Places to eat Boracay

Located in D'Mall in front of the Ferris Wheel

  - - - - -

Cowboys Cocina, Station 3/Angol - (Mid Range Budget) for ex-pats missing a taste of home 'Cowboys' is a great stop, with a varied menu which includes breakfasts, snacks, Pizza, Burgers, pies, chips, Huge Portions of Fish n Chips, mexican dishes and a Roast Dinner on a Sunday, often with Apple Pie or Crumble with custard for dessert.

Cowboys is located in an area locals refer to as 'Old Boracay', where there are fewer people on the beach and an absence of banging party or reggae music.

Next door to Cowboys is 357 Boracay - a little, unassuming hotel and restaurant which, in our opinion, serves the best BBQ Baby Ribs on the island as well as some beautifully cooked Philippine favourites.

Next door to 357, is Nagisa - serving great coffee and a really nice range of Japanese cuisine. 

In the same area of beach front, also checkout Villa Caemilla, which has recently employed Dave Beeckmans of (Manila's) Viking fame.   An unassuming but beautiful hotel and restaurant, determined to offer class and style to its guests.

 - - - - -

SMOKE Resto - (Cheap Eats to Mid-Range) continues to be a firm favourite for inexpensive meals, although an ongoing suggestion from Westerners is to ask the servers to 'hold the salt' at point of order.  Otherwise, your meal may be a bit saltier than you'd like.

Our Favourites are the Chili Chicken with eggplant and the Fish Salpicao, which has a delicious buttery depth to its taste.

SMOKE, located in the vegetable section of D'Mall, gets incredibly busy and it is more than likely that you will need to queue to be seated.   Take Away Orders can be made too and food is served morning through to the evening.  

Recent drainage problems in this area of D'Mall have not deterred visitors to Smoke!

- - - - -

Sunnyside Cafe - (Mid-Range Budget) is a beachfront cafe, at Station 3 and renowned on the island for a serving of pancakes that few people can completely devour on their own (now offered as a half-order)!   The cafe is one of three places run by the same people, including SuperMagic Burgers which is just across from Sunnyside Cafe.

 Sunnyside Cafe Boracay, places to eat Boracay Sunnyside Cafe Boracay, places to eat Boracay Sunnyside Cafe Boracay, places to eat Boracay

The cafe offers an extensive range of delicious breakfast and lunch options, that will entice whole members of your family or group, and keep you full for some time.

The owners also have Super Magic Burgers and the Tart Shop; you won't thank us for encouraging you to order a Cheese Tart or S'Mores from here, at the newly opened Hue Hotel's Station X, Station 2 main road

 - - - - - -


Army & Navy Burger - (Cheap Eats to Mid Range) if you're going to do fast-food we'd like to suggest you try out this Filipine-chain rather than the one sold by Ronald the Clown.  

Their burgers, burrito's, wraps and Freedom Fries are delicious.  Their Drunken Sailor is really yummy and filling and there are lots of little side-orders to choose from too

Beachfront at Station 2/1 border



Pig-Out Bistro - (Mid to Top Range) is located on the main road at Station 1, close to Victor Ortiga's salon. Focusing on up-market Philippine & Western recipes, this little restaurant is very popular with locals and tourists alike and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

All Ingredients used are fresh and locally sourced, so there may be occasions when items are not available.   Pre-booking is a must 

Pig-out Bistro Boracay, Seafood Platter Fried Calamari with Saffron Aioli Pig Out Bistro Boracay



Kolai Mangyan - (Cheap Eats) is a fabulous and really cheap place to eat and offers a good range of Philippine breakfasts and meals.   Waiting Time can be slow as meals are cooked to order but it's worth the wait.   But prices range from 35PHP for Garlic Kangong through to 320PHP for Crispy Pata

 Kolai Mangyon Boracay

Kolai Mangyan - can be found opposite Boracay's Hospital, on the main road at Station 2



Kubo Resto Boracay (Cheap to Mid Range Budget) opened in 2016 and has done a roaring trade ever since.  

Another Filipino-cuisine restaurant it's open air, although covered, and designed in native woods and carvings.  Open for breakfast, dinner and lunch there is a really good menu range and food is delicious and filling.

This resto is located on Bulabog Road, close to the top near the main road at Station 1



Jasper's Tapislog & Resto (Cheap Eats) is centrally located on the main road at Station 2, just down from Crafts Supermarket.  

This Carinderia-style Resto has long been a popular place for budget-eaters, with their delicious Pancit Canton, Pancit Bihon and Special Fried Rice being firm favourites for take out.   Dine in or out, there are no frills here.  Basic seating options but always a range of at least 10 ready-cooked dishes to choose from, as well as dishes that will be cooked to order.



Tod's Lomi House and Resto (Cheap Eats) emerged in 2016 and has already had to move to a larger premises to handle the traffic of diners.   This resto can be found on the 'Back Road' of Bulabog.  Open from early morning through to evening, this resto focuses on Filipino dishes 

This, bright yellow with red accented design, Resto is incredibly popular with locals but is also gaining a reputation, which sees tourists on a budget flocking there too!



Kuya J's Boracay (Mid Range Budget) is located within Azalea Hotel on the main road at Station 2.

Another restaurant focusing on Philippine cuisine, the menu offers a really good range, at great prices.  This is a great restaurant to visit in a group, so you can order lots of dishes to share.

Check out MunchPunch for the menu and guide to prices *prices subject to change


Boracay Street Market at Station X, Hue Hotel (Cheap Eats to Mid Range).  Opened in 2017, Hue Hotel hit on the idea of offering a food court, at their ground floor.  This has turned out to be an inspired idea, and was pulled together by the owners of SuperMagic Burgers.

 Station X Street Food Market Boracay Boracay's Noni's Mushroom Benedict  Boracay's Diavolo  Boracay's The Tart Shop


The Boracay Street Market is perfect when you have a group of people all wanting something very different from each other.  There are a number of Cook Stations offering Japanese, Pizza, Mexican, Filipino, Seafood and Vietnamese foods.

On the outside of the ground floor, are slightly more expensive options such as the delicious Noni's, Sugar Cloud, SuperMagic Burgers  and the Tart Shop


Aloha Boracay Island Grill (Mid Range) is the resident restaurant at Aloha Hotel, on the road down the side of Station X.   There is indoor and outdoor dining options and if you are looking to eat large, this is the place to go; servings are very, very generous, and the dishes are delicious.  

Don't miss out on the Mac n' Cheese, which is often available as an optional side dish to menu items.  It is so delicious the chances are that you won't touch the rest of your plate until you have devoured it!!

The Burgers and Sandwiches are served with chips and are also both mouthwateringly good and very filling.

Cajun-spice Chicken & Shrimp Platter  Aloha Combo Platter  Philly Steak Sandwich Aloha Boracay



Chili Jam Bistro and Rooftop Restaurant (Mid Range) is a very new restaurant, located on the rooftop of Luxx Boutique Boracay, Station 2 (head down the road for T'alipapa towards the beach).

Opening in July 2017 this is a restaurant owned by island chef June Vino, of Damiana-fame.  June's Damiana dishes have long reigned as favourites, who can forget his Twice-cooked Adobo, and this new restaurant is going to further cement him as a local chef to be reckoned with.

Chili Jam Bistro and Restaurant Boracay  Adobo Chorizo Pizza Boracay Chili Jam Bistro  Baked Chorizo Pasta Chili Jam Bistro Boracay

With a hand-crafted cocktails list (try the JuneBug) and a comfort-food focused menu, coupled with a well-designed and furnished rooftop, this restaurant offers a great place for couples and friends.

Juno did joke that he planned to keep this restaurant friends and locals only, but its gaining reputation ensure that can never happen.

Particular favourites are the Adobo Chorizo pizza and the Baked Chorizo Pasta, with the Chorizo being hand-made by June.

The item that gave the restaurant it's name will be on sale too; Chili Jam is hot but great on buttered bread or toast


Charlies Steakhouse & Diner (Cheap Eats thru to Top End) is a great steakhouse to check out and features a live band, as well as regular visiting bands and events. Offering a menu full of delicious grills, salads and US Angus Rib-eye Steaks, the diner is open from breakfast through to late night.

Having previously served the Mid to Top end Budget range, In July 2017 Charlie's launched their Lunch Buffet Deal, which is sure to delight locals and tourists alike

Charlie's Steakhouse Boracay  Jumbo Prawns at Charlie's Steakhouse & Diner Boracay  US Angus Rib-eye Steak Charlie's Steakhouse



7th Note Cafe & Deli/ 7 Stones (Cheap Eats to Top End) on Bulabog Beach is another local restaurant with a menu, which ranges from Cheap (Chef's Specials) through to High End (Saturday Steak Night).

7th Note Cafe & 7 Stones have received a huge boost in 2017, with Chef Robert overhauling the menu to cater to people with differing budgets.   In addition, a Bake Shop and Deli have been installed in the cafe, where you can shop for freshly prepared to order Sandwiches, Cheeses and Cooked Meats, as well as Gluten-free Breads.

The Gluten-free Range doesn't just stop at breads, many of their most popular Pizza's, Cakes and Desserts are available as Gluten-free too.

The Coffee served here is great, so why not buy a slice of their decadent Chocolate Eruption Cake (you can also order a whole cake for special occasions), which can only be described as a Chocolate Brownie base, with a dense chocolate mousse and Rocky Road inspired topping, sit back and relax.  


Chef's Breakfast 7th Note Cafe & Deli - Boracay  Tiffin Curry Chef's Lunch Special 7th Note Cafe & Deli Boracay  Blueberry Cheesecake 7th Note Cafe & Deli Boracay



Lola's Pizza (Cheap Eats) located on Road 1-A, which runs to the side of the Lake in front of D'Mall, down to Bulabog Beach.

Lola's is not really a restaurant, with only 4 benches for visitors to sit at, but it does a roaring trade in inexpensive pizza's, which are also available for take-out and deliver orders (Globe:09176341097 Smart:09291232259)

Lola's Pizza Price List


Real Coffee & Tea (Cheap Eats to Midrange) is the oldest coffee house on the island and on it's 3rd venue, 2nd floor of SeaWorld on White Beach Station 2.

Serving great coffee and tea, Real Coffee is primarily known for it's delicious Calamansi Muffins, which are fluffy and full of zest.  Coming up fast in the popularity ranks are their Chocolate Brownies, and their Chocolate and Peanut Butter Brownies.

Real Coffee & Tea is so synonymous with Boracay that visitors will likely see other tourists, at Kalibo and Caticlan, with many eco-friendly Real Coffee shopping bags, stacked full of boxes of Muffins and Brownies to take home to friends and family.

Real Coffee's Calamansi Muffins

Whilst Real Coffee & Tea is great for a stop-off for a hot drink with cakes, it also has a good menu of snacks and meals, including their Tuna Melt Sandwich, to be eaten in front of one of the most relaxing views of White Beach

Boracay Real Coffee & Tea