Boracay's Famous Puka Beach


Puka Beach is now as well-known as Boracay's famous White Beach, with many travellers and back-packers making sure they schedule a visit or island hopping trip to the beach


Since 2016 Puka Beach has undergone some significant changes and it's only fair that we should warn you in advance.


Puka Beach also has lovely white sand, but got its name from the abundance of Puka Shells that called be found there.

On arrival via the road, visitors were and still are greeted by many stalls selling clothes, jewelry and souvenirs on one side.  On the other side were a number of seafood restaurants, which cooked fresh seafood to order at a reasonable price.  

Now only one of these remains as the area is slowly being turned into the beachfront of a resort.  The development of this resort has been very controversial among locals, not least because of the impact it had on the site roosts of the Flying Foxes; an endangered species of Bat, only found in the Philippines, which is vital in keeping cases of Dengue and Malaria down.

Now, at the far right of the beach is a small bar, set in to the rock face and a few kubos or cabana chairs leading up to it


puka beach boracay


To the left of the entrance area, is a long stretch of beach, which used to be empty of anything other than when the Island Hopping Tours stopped off with their passengers.

In 2017, it is now full of Bamboo Beach Beds and Cabana's and hastily constructed bars selling Buko (Coconuts) at 200PHP each.  

A local tip, if you want to spend the day at Puka Beach, is to stock up on snacks, drinks and food or bring your own picnic lunch with you. But please ensure you bring your rubbish back with you; don't leave it on the beach!

There appears to be no price control among those who've set up businesses on the beach and no-one doing anything about exorbitant prices which are angering tourists and locals alike.


Leaving Puka Beach: Staying for a sunset at Puka Beach is one of life's great pleasures but be prepared to walk to the main road, from the beach and pay high trike prices to get back to the center of Boracay.   A torch can be handy for getting off the beach in the dark


Below: How Puka Beach Once Looked

puka beach boracay

Compared to other beaches in Boracay, the water on Puka Beach tends to be rougher and stronger but a lot of fun, if you're a confident swimmer. The sand is not as powdery as that found on White Beach

The beach is well-known for its abundance of puka shells, which is recognized worldwide. It is believed that people adorned with jewelries manufactured from puka shells would not be harmed during a long journey. For this reason, a trip to Puka Beach would never be complete without visiting shops that sell authentic puka shells.

puka beach boracay

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