Boracay: Top 10 Places to go & beyond

With its pristine shores and amazing views, Boracay continues to be visited by tourists from around the World, and there are many Boracay hotels to suit differing budgets, and Activities to do whilst you're here, such as Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Windsurfing, Kite-surfing, Sailing 


1. White Beach is the most popular beach in Boracay, with its 4km long stretch of powdery white sand and azure waters.

The beach path, running parallel to the shoreline, is the prime area of the island with restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, bakeries, and souvenir stalls.

The Resorts and Hotels along this stretch, tend to be more expensive ranging from Mid-Price to Top End, but you can still find some little treasures, such as Mito's Place at Station 2, The Marzon or Sulu Plaza at Angol/Station 3 and, M R Holiday, Bluewaves Beach House or Boracay Plaza Resort at Station 1.

Boracay's White Beach appears to come alive at night, as the Resorts and Restaurants set out their dining tables, Buffets are prepared and bands and fire dancers start their entertainments.   This nightly spectacle should be viewed at least once during your holiday but, if you are seeking a slower pace, look to the extreme ends of White Beach; to Boracay Terraces Resort at Station 1, or Red Pirates and Treehouse at Angol/Station 3.

Boracay White Beach



2. Puka beach has long been a popular beach, particularly with the locals wanting to escape the crowds on White Beach, and has been a perfect vision of a tropical island beach with white sand, blue waters, and palm groves. The waves can be choppy and strong, and a lot of fun, and Puka Beach has always been a great beach for picnics, or an alternative view of Boracay's famous Sunsets.

In 2016 various sunbeds and temporary bars popped up and these are now all the way down the center of the beach but you can still find spots to sit down.  The prices attached to a bottle of beer or coke from the make-shift bars, or even food, are very high, often 4-5 times the price that you would pay anywhere else in Boracay.

Our suggestion is to pack your own picnic, with cold cuts and cheeses from one of the island's many Deli's (Crafts, 7Stones, Heidiland, Gustos next to Dos Mestizos), or pre-made sandwiches and baguettes, and drinks.  BUT remember to bring a bag with you for your trash and take it home with you!

Do also remember that you need to get back to your hotel from this beach, so

1. pack a torch, and

2.  Be prepared to pay 200-250PHP for a trike to get you back to the center of the island.  Otherwise, you're walking!   

Puka Beach was named after the many puka shells that could be found along its shoreline. These were collected to be used for fashion accessories.

Boracay Puka Beach

3.  Bulabog Beach also known as 'Back Beach', is a great location to sit and enjoy the acrobatics of local and visiting Kitesufers and Windsurfers.

Boracay hosts numerous competitions on this beach and even if you don't fully understand the rules for races or displays, you can still lose yourself in the excitement, or even chat to participants friends to get the low down.

There are a number of great bars and restaurants all along this beachfront, where you can sit in comfort with a cold beer or cocktail and enjoy the show.

If you want to learn to Kitesurf you should check out our Activities Page for information.

When Habagat hits (changing of the wind direction), around mid-May to early June, Kiting activity switches to White Beach

Kitesurfing Boracay

Photo courtesy of Reef Retreat Resort

4.  Baling Hai Beach is a beautiful but small Boracay Cove, where tourists can enjoy swimming and some pretty great snorkelling in a relaxed, peaceful environment.

The nearby Resort, Baling Hai boasts a restaurant on top of the cliff that overlooks the whole area and provides visitors an amazing view of the island.  Please note that Pre-booking for lunch or dinner is required

Boracay Balinghai Beach

5. Mount Luho is the highest point in Boracay, rising up to an altitude of 100 meters above sea level, and is the best place to visit for views of Bulabog Beach and Boracay.

Mount Luho has a couple of steep inclines but remains a very pleasant walk and, starting at Bulabog Beach you can walk a nice circuit up and around the mountain, down to the Main Road, just before Fairways.  It's not uncommon to see locals and visitors tackling this circuit as their morning run.  


Having started at Bulabog Beach, and having got past the entrance to the Viewing Deck, there is an amazing vista across Fairways and Bluewaters Golf Course and out to the Ocean.  

In 2016 Mt Luho Grill Boracay opened, set up on top of the mountain with stunning views, what better place to enjoy some food and drinks!  This restaurant has even hosted weddings and special birthdays

Mt Luho Grill Boracay

Notable hotels and Villa's in Mount Luho are Karuna, Cohiba Villa, Private Mountain Casitas,  and Sky Villas


6. Carabao Island - not strictly a Boracay place to visit but still achievable during your stay, thanks to our Day Trip to Carabao.

Carabao Island is located just off Boracay and is a 45 minute to 1 hour Boat Ride away. Our Day Trip includes the Boat journey, all-inclusive local beers and drinks, a grilled Buffet Lunch, access to a Private Beach and a quick tour of this sleepy island, offering fabulous viewing points for photos.

The Private Beach used on this trip includes a relaxation area under the Palms, a kubo area for your lunch and a long stretch of beach for swimming, snorkeling and beach games.

Day Trip To Carabao


7. Happy Buddha River Retreat - Another off-island trip, to experience an altogether different side of Boracay, and its neighbours.

The Happy Buddha River Retreat is located in Motag, on the Nabaoy River, offering junglescapes, local village views, a freshwater river, mini-waterfalls, massages and a sumptuous Philippine Lunch.

 Happy Buddha River Retreat Boracay

All you need to do is get to 'the mainland' at Caticlan for 11am and you'll be met by one of the team and trikes or a mini-van for the 15 minute journey to this hidden little retreat.

The food is locally sourced and produced, and is cooking as you arrive.  All you need do is sit back and relax on the decks, wander the grounds or have a soak in the refreshing, flowing waters of the river.

If you would like, you can opt to add in a tour of the Motag Living Museum; the Philippines first interactive, open air museum, where you will see what life was like in the 1920's on a Rice Farm and turn your hand at ploughing, planting, harvesting or crushing the Rice.

To book either tour/activity clicking on the purple link.

Motag Living Museum Boracay


8. Crocodile Island named because ... well, its shape looks like a Crocodile.

This island is located just off Boracay, and is commonly featured in Island Hopping tours.  In front of this island is the perfect spot to do some snorkeling, with abundant corals and marine life; the area is just bursting with underwater activity.  Pull on a life jacket and a snorkel mask and tube and enjoy an amazing array of bright and colourful fish. 

Why not book a 2 hour Paraw Sail with the Red Pirate Crew, and include this as a stop off!

Boracay Crocodile Island

9. Crystal Cove is a private island, featuring mini coves, statues and novel photo opportunities which continue to be popular with visitors to Boracay.

Crystal Cove Boracay


10. Maniguin Island - another off-island spot but one worth taking for experienced divers and even snorkeling enthusiasts.

Maniguin Island is in Antique, a 2 hour boat ride from Boracay and the journey itself is beautiful as the boat hugs the coastline of the mainland, with its mountains and hidden beaches and coves, whilst you enjoy a continental breakfast.

Three dives are made at world-class diving sites, with Rays, Sharks and Barracuda.   Even snorkeling affords spectacular scenes of untouched corals and marine life, as visibility can be up to 60 meters depth.  The trip is often accompanied by a pod of dolphins which love to race the boat, and put on displays seemingly for the sole delight of the passengers.  A must do place to visit if the tour takes place during your time on Boracay

 Maniguin Island Boracay Philippines