Boracay's Top 4 Sporting Events

Boracay is infamous for its beautiful beaches and its party scene but it also has a thriving sporting community and hosts a number of National and International Sporting Events. 

The Following are our Top 5:

Boracay's International Dragonboat Festival (usually the 2nd to last weekend in April) has been running since 2006 and has to be the biggest International Dragonboat Festival in the Philippines, with paddlers from Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia as well as home-grown paddlers from the Philippines, and specifically paddlers from Boracay who always feature in the medal positions.         Boracay International Dragonboat Festival

Starting on the Thursday with a sunset team parade, from Boracay Beach Resort to Boracay Regency Beach Resort, behind two Chinese Dragons, and the private Opening Ceremony where the Eyes on the Boats Dragons Heads are ‘dotted’ and the dragons awakened.  

Race Day 1 (Friday) is dedicated to the 500m Races & 250m Races on Day 2 (Saturday). Teams compete in the Standard Boat (20 paddlers) and the Small Boat (10 paddlers) categories, for Men, Womens and Mixed.  The Finals of each category will start from 4pm on Day 1 and 2.30pm on Day 2.

          Boracay International Dragonboat Festival

This event is organised each year by the Boracay Island Paddlers Association.  If you would be interested in sponsoring the event please contact them via their Facebook page.

Nestea Beach (Volleyball) is usually held over the 1st weekend of May, to coincide with LaBoracay.  The event is a combination of beach parties and fun but many people specifically follow the event for the Intercollegiate Beach Volleyball Competition.  This year there are 10 Men’s & 10 Women’s Teams Competing

       Nestea Beach Volleyball 2015 Boracay

Parties prevail during this 4 day event, which coincides with Labor Day.

Check here for details of events, parties and access to these at

Boracay Open takes place at the start of the year, with foreign, Philippine and Boracay Teams competing.  The Boracay Dragons have dominated this competition for 12 years.

                 Boracay Open Ultimate Frisbee Championship Don Laczi Photography

                                                            Photo Courtesy of Don Laczi Photography

The event opens on the Friday with a Team Parade, and the competition starts up on the Saturday.   As with all sporting events on Boracay, they wouldn’t be what they are without the fabulous Parties and Awards Ceremonies.  Often the parties are held at Area 51, Bulabog and Epic on White Beach Station 2

Check out this blog, for an account of 2015s competition with some awesome photos

The Boracay International Funboard Cup, takes plac in January, with Kitesurfers and Windsurfers from across the world converging on Bulabog Beach, Boracay.
This year approximately $8000US worth of Windsurfing and kiteboarding equipment was awarded across 17 different categories, in 4 disciplines; Speed, Freesyle, Twintip Racing, Windsurfing Slalom.

           Boracay International Funboard Cup
As before the competition wouldn’t be complete without the requisite Parties, which took place Club Paraw, White Beach Station 3 and Epic.

Check out this video, from 1.27 onwards for footage of the Men’s Kite Racing  Semi-Finals

The Sama Sama Cup takes place during May at Station 1 White Beach. 
“The Sama-Sama Games are a celebration of human unity through sports. Founded on three pillars of Harmony, Dignity and Equality, the Games unite players from polarised world's to come together as ONE in the name of sport.

In May 2014, the Games saw 16 teams take part in Boracay, Philippines, bringing forward teams from all over the Philippines to take part in the world's first '100% all in' event.

The story of the Games will be the Tacloban team, who despite dealing with the appalling aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan and being without access to clean water and electricity since November 2013, won all their games and in an epic and nail-biting final, claimed the Sama-Sama Games crown on Penalties. It was a truly memorable end to an exciting and very meaningful event.”

Contact for details and check out the 2014 video here