Boracay's Top 5 Parties

1. Boracay's Full Moon Parties have been growing in popularity and many travellers try to plan their arrival on Boracay to coincide with the Full Moon  Parties.  Held at the brilliantly named Area 51 Top Secret Party Facility, on Bulabog Beach it’s an adventure just to arrive. 

                Boracay Full Moon Party

Most people grab a trike together but you can also walk South along Bulabog Beach.   Doors open from 11pm and the entrance fee includes one free drink.  Tunes are provided by local and visiting DJ’s and there have been some big names for special events and parties. Check out our nearby hotels

See the below mentioned Conga's too, for an alternative Full Moon Vibe

2. Black Moon Party great for if your holiday doesn’t coincide with theBlack Moon Party Boracay Full Moon. 

The Black Moon Parties half-way between the last and next Full Moon, and mostly hosted by two particular bars; Area 51 (as above) and Conga’s Bar, although some bars may cash-in and host pre-party cocktail hours.

Conga's is a super cool little bar and venue, located at the end of Station 3/Angol Point, past Red Pirates Bar.  Don't expect high tech bathrooms though; Conga's is a real Old-skool Boracay experience but still a lot of fun and a great place to meet locals and long-stayers

Conga’s Bar is typically more laid back and chilled when compared to Area 51 but still features some of the best DJ’s and musicians that Boracay has to offer, as well as some furious beats from local drummers and musicians. 

Conga's also hosts a Sunset Party from 4.30PM every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

Check out our hotels close to Conga's; such as The Marzon, 357 Boracay, Villa Caemilla and Surfside Resort & Spa

3. Halloween Parties Galore. The 31st October and the whole of Station 2 White Beach becomes one big party with party goer’s parading up and down the beach path in bizarre, macabre, funny, sexy and group costumes. 

                         Halloween on Boracay

Parties can be found at all of the night clubs, with prizes for the best costume, and guest DJ’s.  All usually require the payment of an entrance fee, which includes a free drink.  Epic, typically, hosts a themed Halloween party every year and most of the bars along the Station 2 Beach strip, and beyond, will decorate their beach areas and have drink promotions going on


4. LaBoracay.  A 4 day party, as the ever youthful ‘in-crowd’ descends on the island for Labor Day (May 1), and the days following it, for 24 hour beach parties.  This is a much anticipated weekend for visitors but only some of Boracay's residents and locals, who otherwise experience noise, a rubbish littered beach and often power cuts and reduced water.  

Whilst the establishments who host the events have improved on their Environmental duties over the years, there is still the ongoing problem of discarded plastic wrappings, bags and bottles, and glass bottles left on the beach and in the sea but some party goers without tickets for the events. 

Epic LaBoracay 2015 with Knife Party BoracayIf you are one of those who are determined to be here to party hard with the best of them, please be considerate of other travellers, locals and the environment.

Love the beach the way it should be loved; please do not drop cigarette butts, bottles, straws, plastic cups or any other type of rubbish on Boracay’s beautiful beach.  

If you plan to visit Boracay for this weekend, Please be a responsible visitor and take your rubbish back with you.



Turn off your rooms lights and air-con, when you go out. Take only Photos, leave behind only memories! 


Most of the Boracay Hotels are already fully booked from April 30-May 4 but there are still a few with availability, they may not be close to the action, as cheap as you hope for or where you want to be but if you’ve left it this late to book your options are now limited.  Check out YCL Hotel Boracay (located on the main road) and Oasis Resort (Yapak but with complimentary shuttle transfer)


5. New Years is another annual party like Halloween, with Bars, clubs and hotels competing with each other to attract your pesos to their establishment.   Where ever you end up, at a certain point everyone positions themselves on the beach and watches as Hotels and Bars compete with each other for the best fireworks displays. 

   New Years Eve on Boracay Philippines

The Fireworks begin from 11.30pm onwards, and can continue until 12.45am, and can be seen from one end of White Beach to the other.  A great vantage point is Steve’s Cliff, at the far end of Station 1, where you can see the whole of White Beach at once.  New Years is noisy, crowded and usually one of the best nights out of the whole year.


Emerging Boracay Party Places

Manic Monkey Crew hosts parties in various venues in Boracay, including Steve's Cliff at the far end of Station 1 White Beach and Conga's Bar (as above)

Wahine Beach Bar Sunset Sessions Sunday Sunset Sessions; the perfect way to finish, or is it start, the week

Good Vibes Entertainment - hosts parties in various venues in Boracay, including Pool Parties and all-night dance fests, and has rocked up in Kalibo, Roxas and Iloilo too!