Nabaoy River

The Nabaoy River is a great day-trip on the Mainland of Aklan.

There are various places along the river, where guests can relax and enjoy some freshwater swimming, tubing and swing ropes. Many offering individual 'tree' houses and seating areas.  Some also come with Karaoke Machines Hire.  So if you're wanting absolute peace and quiet ensure that you inform the trike driver to take you to a place away from those with Karaoke.

Many of the establishments will either cook food that you have brought with you or will serve you fresh items from a menu, and most sell beer and local rum or gin, or can bring this to you.  Narra Resort is one of the most popular places to go (but does have a number of Karaoke Machines)

On arrival at Caticlan Port work across to the trike stand and ask the driver to take you to Nabaoy River